Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nice Hat!

Hannah opened a present from the Kollmans a couple days before Christmas, and she marveled at the beautiful dress, hugged the soft bunny. . . then she found something else in the box! Hmmmm. . .What is it? Well, it is a HAT of course!

Well, I suppose it could help keep her head warm, although it has two too many holes in it! Silly little girl :)

I give her brownie points for creativity :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Smorgasbord of Boston Stuff


Good Morning Boston!

There was a water leak at the mall connected to the hotel where we stayed. When I saw the mess, I said "Uh oh! Mama spilled!" Yes, at 2 years old, she's I've already caught on to what a clutz my mama is!
The beautiful Boston Common. We love walking through this park. There are beautiful flowers, ducks, swans, grass, and a pond with boats you can ride on! (those photos are on a blog that will be coming soon)
Trinity Church
Walking around in Boston is so fun. . .exhausting, I couldn't even finish my ice cream before zonking out for a nap!

And daddy was SO excited to be clothes shopping with mama and me at Fanueil Hall. . . Sure, it may LOOK like he's sleeping, but really he just passed out from all of the excitement! There was a SALE (and no sales tax on clothes in Boston!)!!!
Chasing birdies with daddy at Fanueil Hall

Then Mama joined in on the fun!

Mama being boiled in a lobster pot!
Hanging out on the wharf. We love looking at the water and boats :)

Hey. I could get used to this place! Can we buy some city waterfront property? It can't cost THAT much, right?

We saw Galena's twin on the wharf again! She and her sister were happy to see us :) Her owner even let me throw a ball for her and her sister :)

Sea lions! They are pretty silly :)
Can we bring these cool guys home with us?
Well, if we can't have them all, how about just ONE? Can we bring ONE home with us? I promise to feed him and change his water regularly!

I was finally brave enough to try clam chowder this year. . .I loved it!
SIlly Daddy!

Yep, definitely left-handed. . .I'm just killing time doodling waiting for the Samuel Adams Brewery tour.

Mama claims she never drinks. . .I think this photo tells a different story!
Hmmmm. . .think I can swim in there?
Daddy needs a big straw :)
They even gave me my own root beer brew to drink while Mama and Daddy got to taste the beer :)
Daddy loves Sam Adams :)
Back at the Aquarium. . .this fishy was wondering why we didn't bring him a Sam Adams!

Turtles! My favorite!
I even found a cool turtle hat at the gift shop :)

Uh oh! Caught in the RAIN! It was a torential downpour! We were caught in the middle of the Boston Common with no shelter! We finally found our way to a subway station where we hid until the rain stopped. We were on our way to Cheers for lunch. . .we were sooooo SOGGY!

The drowned tourists posing in front of Cheers! We didn't even get to eat lunch there b/c the wheelchair lift was broken :(

More soggy tourists!

Wow! Thus subway street dancer looks just like Papa! He was obviously not very experienced though, he gforgot to put his extra hat down to collect the tips. . .although it wasn't as if there were tons of people lurking about just dying to give him a tip. He was getting a lot of strange looks!
I'm a pro at riding the subway now. I loved riding the train!
Two cool dudes in their Rocky Balboa hats

Our last morning. . .eating breakfast while sitting on the window sill of our hotel room. . .bye bye Boston :(

My daddy was such a good sport! He let us stuff him in the trunk on the way to the airport so we could all fit in one van! See how happy he was about it?

But I don't WANNA go home!!!

Some intellectually stimulating reading on the plane

snoozing on the plane. . .it was a long, fun trip :) See you next year!