Tuesday, September 16, 2008


OK, you can only SEE five in that 1st photo, but a 6th tooth just popped through on top. . .it'll be more visable in a couple weeks :)

And here's a video of her "washing her face" and laughing at me and granny :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Best Furrrrr-ends :)

Hannah has a whole family of best friends! Between our farm and grandma and grandpa's zoo, she has enough furry friends to keep her busy. Of course they don't do much for conversation, but they sure do have a fun time keeping each other amused all day!

Recently, Hannah has started cuddling with Takoda and Howie. Takoda is a bit more receptive to her cuddles than Howie. But that has more to do with how Hannah plops herself down next to (read: ONTO) the pets. Hannah is finally larger than our tubby cat (though not by much), so he doesn't appreciate being sat upon as much as he used to. Not to worry. He is still very patient with her.

Hannah enjoys cuddling, reading, covering them with her blankies, chasing the kitten Tommy with a long string, throwing balls for the kitty to chase, sharing dog treats (OOPS!), and so forth. As far as Hannah is's concerned, Hannah is just one of the pets!

Works out great for me. I can now save on baby treats, since she seems to like doggie treats just as much. Yummmm! OK, not really. In her defense, the doggie treat was a gourmet doggie treat complete with purple forsting and sprinkles. It looked like a cookie! I tried to tell her it was Koda's num-num and not hers (which usually works very well), but this time the temptation was ust tooooo strong! She had to try a nibble for herself. Then another. Then another. What was I doing? Laughing and looking for my camera of course!!! Hey, some kids eat poop. Hannah just had a couple bites of a doggie bisquit. I don't think that is a crime! Besides, look at the cute photos below! You wouldn't have those to laugh at (or gag to) if I hadn't been so slick.

Oh, and you are wondering about that photo of Hannah in the cage? That is where grandma and grandpa keep her while I'm at work. . .they don't even let her wear clothes! But their babysitting rates are cheap, so we are willing to look past it. . .well, until she outgrows the cage anyway. Then we might have to talk them into buying her a rope to tie her to a stake in the yard or something. . .

Of course I am kidding! That crate is Jack's. . .the puppy at grandma's house. He likes to sleep in there, and Hannah apparently likes to see how many of granny's pets she can coax in there with her. It is her new hang out. She's even been spotted coaxing Jack AND the kitten in there with her. But the best has to be when she coaxed Jack in there, shut the door, and promptly tried applying lipstick to his lips. Lovely. Jack was thrilled I'm sure! hee hee I wish granny had gotten a picture of THAT!

Hanging out with her BFF (big furry friend) Takoda:

Mmmmmm. Nothing like doggie kisses :)

Trying to cover Takoda up for a nap

Takoda asking me for help! Hannah kept trying to cover her head instead of her body.

Hannah looks like she is saying: "Now if you'd just sit still, I wouldn't have to keep recovering you over and over and over again!!!"

"OK, Takoda. Time to go night night. I'll sing you a song"

"Hey Takoda! See this pebble? Could you eat it and tell me what it tastes like? Mommy won't let me put them in my mouth"

Hanging out on Granny's Kitty's perch. Trying to steal a smooch :)

Playing with Tommy, the kitten

Hannah got in the boat first. . .Tommy followed :) (it was raining outside and Hannah was disappointed she couldn't use her new boat, so we let her play with them INside. I guess it is just as fun! And hey, Tommy got to play too!

Poor Howie. Hannah buried him in books! This was after some had fallen off and were moved by Hannah.

The yummy gourmet doggie bisquit!!! Looks scrumptious, doesn't it?

Her "I can't BELIEVE you took that cookie away from me MOM!!!" face.

(I'm convinced she thought I wanted it for myself and didn't believe me it was really for Takoda)

Storytime with Howie

Naptime under the dining room table with Howie. Hannah pulled her blankies under there and tried to cover him up while he was sleeping, but he didn't want any covers. So she laid on top of them and tried to take a snooze next to him instead. It lasted for about 20 seconds and she was refreshed and ready to continue tearing the house apart!

Video of Hannah playing with granny and grandpa's kitten, Tommy.


Friday, September 5, 2008

Rub-a-dub-dub, an artist in the tub!

So, I bought the little peanut some cool tub crayons! They are adorable, too! They are made especially for toddlers and are in the shape of animals with a tip of a crayon sticking out the top of the animal's head. The idea is, it is easier to grasp since it is like holding a plastic toy instead of a thin wax stick. . .

So, I excitedly unwrapped the animal crayons, and Hannah was wide-eyed with anticipation! She couldn't wait to start her masterpiece!!! So, I thought anyway. So, I handed her the crayon buddy and she ran towards the bathtub with it. No problem, right? WRONG! I guess it must've felt like a really long trip and she decided to stop for a quick snack. . .biting the whole crayon off the tip of the animal. OOPS!!! She chewed on it for a minute, with the most awful expression on her face. Yet, she refused to open her mouth and spit it out. Finally, I convinced her to show me her tongue, and I took what was left of the yellow crayon out of her mouth. Yuck.

That's OK, there were still two more crayons for her to draw with! So, into the tub she went with all the crayons, including the poor yellow one that lost it's head, and she had a grand ol' time drawing on the walls of the tub :)

So, lets see. That means my kid has eaten a dog treat and a yellow crayon so far this week. . .a well balanced diet!

In case you are scratching your head about the dog treat--or gagging (MOM!), I will fill you in on that lovely adventure in my next excerpt--coming soon!!!

I wish they had cool tub toys like that when I was little! I only got to play with plastic spoons, cups, bowls, and washcloths. I was so deprived.