Friday, July 29, 2011

Disneyland! (Just Pretend it's Still April)

Let's pretend it's still April or May for a second, OK?  Mama is so behind on her blogs, she didn't even share our Disneyland pictures yet and we were there in APRIL for Pete's sake!)  Since my mom is super lame (REALLY far behind in her blogs!) This blog will be mostly pictures :)  There are some cute videos we'll upload soon :)

Well, we survived another Disneyland adventure :) We spent almost a week with our favorite friends, and even made friends with certain characters I wouldn't even LOOK at, last year! Namely, a certain tall guy in a long red coat and giant black hat, whose name rhymes with "Shmapton Cook."

Anyhoo, I better just show you the pictures.  There's over 100 photos down there, so go ahead and grab a beverage, sit down and get comfy, and ENJOY!

I can't reach the pedals!

Waiting in line is always easier when you have a friend with you :)

I was SO excited to meet Rapunzel and Flynn!  I even practiced one of the songs from their movie during the drive to California because I wanted to sing it to them. . .But, I got star struck and barely spoke a word to them :)

I make friends everywhere I go.  The little girl following me, joined me in about 100 "tours" of Chip and Dales Treehouse



Is she going to make me eat a poisoned apple?

Um, she's touching me!

Much better!  I love this Goofy guy :)

Lunch at Ariel's Grotto, with Ariel and some of her Princess friends :)

A mid-lunch dance session

You mean they serve veggies at Disneyland?  Thought we were on vacation!

DESSERT!!!  Now we're talkin'!  

Hello? Nemo?  How's the ocean?

Really?  He said WHAT?

Well, my parents are telling me it's rude to talk on my shell at the table, so I better skeedaddle!  Nice talkin' to ya!



One of my favorite rides!  Toy Story Mania!  It's one of the rides Daddy can ride with us :)


Breakfast with Minnie and Pals :)

Dancing with Rafiki

Then we were off to the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique to transform me into Ariel!  I got to pick out a dress, shoes, accessories, and then got my hair and make-up done :)  

How do you like my hair?  It's not easy being a Princess, ya know. . .

After an exhausting day being a Princess, the King carried me back to the hotel :)

SO FUN!!!!

Attempt #2 to speak to Flynn and Rapunzel. . .a little better!  Still no song for them, though.  Maybe next year!

Another meeting with the Princesses

Riding my favorite roller coaster in Toon Town

Watched these with churros and hot chocolate :)

thank goodness for my chariot rides back to the hotel

Breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen on Mama's Birthday!

Check out that weirdo in the background!?!?!