Friday, August 28, 2009

Kindermusik--Take TWO!

HOORAY! Hannah was able to go to her first class today :) (well, pretend this blog was posted when it should've been a few weeks ago)

We arrived and the school was unlocked :) WOOHOO!!! We were the 1st ones in the classroom (besides the teacher) and Hannah was acting very shy. She did not want to touch the instruments and toys set out on the floor. . .until a rambunctious little boy came tearing into the room and showed her what to do! She was very interested in the little shakers and the drum :) Until now, the only "drum" she has played is the dryer door. Soon after, more little kids arrived. She was eager to share the toys and show the other kids how they worked. . .but of course she didn't let the fun instruments get too far out of her sight! Afterall, she was pretty sure all the fun ones were HERS! ha ha Good thing she likes to share!

Class was ready to begin, and Hannah was eager to see what was coming next. Too bad the little boy next to her decided to start rolling around on the floor instead of paying attention to the teacher, because Hannah decided she wanted to roll too! Oh well. That didn't last too long.

Hannah was all ready and willing to participate when the teacher started singing "When you're happy and you know, clap your hands. . ." A favorite song! Hannah had no interest in the other verses of the song. She wanted every verse to be the clapping hands verse :) No worries. They weren't being graded on creativity.

At one point the teacher brought out a box full of colorful scarves to use in another song and dance. Hannah was thrilled! She even helped hand them out. Helping put them away was working out well. . .UNTIL she realized she had the last remaining scarf! UH OH! I tried to convince her to put it back in the box like all the other ones she she so nicely put back, but she got upset. I finally had to pry it from her and she exclaimed in a very loud and demanding voice "I WANT IT!!!" Yikes! No worries, they weren't grading for manners or how well they cooperated with instructions. She calmed down once she realized there was more fun to be had!

The teacher brought out a box of sticks. I was a little worried about little Mr. Rambunctious next to us. Wondering if he might use Hannah as a human drum, or something. But all the kids were really good about tapping the sticks together and on the floor, not on each other! Hannah helped hand out the sticks too! Little teacher's helper, she is :) She only gave her mama ONE stick, making it very hard for me to illustrate the different ways of tapping the sticks together so she could mimic. . .but not to fear! A shy little boy next to us had a dad who was not interested in tapping his sticks, so he let me have one. Guess he thought he was too cool for us amateurs! Oh well, it worked out well for me! So we tapped away at another song, and then it was onto other songs and fun!

"Ring-around-the rosy" was a huge hit! Still remains a huge hit at home. After about 1,000,000 times doing it with her at home after class, I got smart and convinced her that her dolls wanted to do it with her and she had to teach them how! She ring-around-the-rosy-ed herself and her dolls for quite a while! Although her version of the song goes more like this: "rosy rosy rosy, all fall down!" :)

Anyhoo, back to class. At story time (which included a song associated with the book/story) Hannah wanted to take over and read the book! She kept trying to take it from the teacher and turn the pages before the teacher was ready. OOPS! I guess we need to work on what happens at a story time versus reading books with Mom and Dad at home. She did eventually sit down and enjoy the rest of the story.

At some point near the end of the class, Hannah discovered a little chair in the classroom that had GLITTER spilled all over it! Well, as far as she was concerned, class was now over and it was time to get glittery! She just wanted to put her hands in it and rub it all around!

When class was officially over, the teacher sings a goodbye song and gives the kids a little stamp on their hands. Well, Hannah had no idea what the stamp was, and didn't think she wanted one! I brought her up to get one anyway, and she liked it! I knew she would.

After class, she wanted to play on the "castle" in the yard. There was a little playground with slides and places to climb, that she thought looked like a castle :) So grandpa let her do that while Granny and I officially signed Hannah up for the class! (this 1st class was a demo to see if the kids/parents like it) THANK YOU GRANNY!

When we left and during the whole ride home. . .and well into the evening, Hannah kept saying "MORE SCHOOL!" Glad she liked it so much! She has a whole semester ahead of her! When you ask her when does she go to school? She matter of factly answers: "Monday" Smart kid.

Oh, and in case you were wondering. . .she DID get Dairy Queen again after class ;)

Little Miss Hannah ready for school! Feeling confident the doors will be open today!

Yep, a different purse today! Hey, it is a different outfit! She cant possibly be seen with the SAME purse two days in a row! What would the other toddlers think???

There is always room for a cute turtle accessory! Turtle is the new black in the fashion world! Baby Vogue says so!

In case you were curious what she packed in her purse for day two. . .a travel toothbrush with ladybugs on it, one of her many turtles, a Big Bird figure, 2 band-aids, a doll bottle, some money (for DQ I suppose?), and a "shot" from her doctor kit! She is prepared for just about anything!

Hurry up and open the car door mom! I don't want to miss anything!

All strapped in and ready to go!

Anxious to get into the school and not wanting to stop for the "papa"razzi to take photos :)

Happily exploring the instruments

That's THE scarf! The one that prompted her minor power struggle! Notice the little 9 month old boy trying to hold me back? I think Hannah was planning a take-over of the scarves and talked him into keeping me occupied while she tried to make a run for it with the box of scarves! But they underestimated my strength. I was able to fight off her little ankle-biting co-conspirator and wrestle the scarf from Hannah before it was too late! Mooo-waaaaah-ha ha ha haaaaa Don't mess with Mama!

Only kidding. That little boy was the younger brother of the rambunctious kid in the class. He hung onto me almost the whole class! He was too cute. His mom kept trying to pry him off of me, but I kept telling her it was fine. I didn't mind :) She eventually gave up! I wanted to take him home with me :)

Hannah dancing and jumping around during the stick tapping time. Kid can really bust a move! The whole class was impressed :) I didn't realize she liked to perform for other people besides her immediate family!

One of the slides on Hannah's "castle" at the school. She didn't want to leave. . .

Well, since this class, Hannah had another one! Granny took her to the one before we left for Boston, and reported it was another wonderful class! Hannah even made a new friend :) She held hands with a little girl named Allie :) She didn't fuss when it was time to put instruments and accessories away, and she didn't try to take over story time that time! She is getting this class thing down :)

Granny will take Hannah to most of the classes, as I usually have to work during that time :( But I plan on going to some more classes with her during the semester! :)

OK, now it is time for me to get some of the 1000 photos and videos I took during our trip to New Hampshire, Maine, and Boston uploaded here so you can see what a WONDERFUL trip we had! You think I am kidding when I say I took 1000 photos/videos. . .but I am not! It was pretty close! I was armed with a 4GB memory card, and I was NOT afraid to use it :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sorry. . .part two has been DELAYED!

Well, I was going to finish part two of the school post. . . but we are off to BOSTON at the crack of dawn! I'm a terrible blogger and I am fired, I know! Sorry, but I ran out of time due to last minute packing, etc. I got all the photos downloaded but no time to write details. Guess you'll have to wait until we get back! Sorry!

Hannah would write it, but she is snooooooozing away with her "bear" fanny in the air :) All the excitement about the upcoming trip wore her out!
Later gators! We'll have lots of photos and stories to share when we get back :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

School! Well. . .almost!

All ready for her 1st day of school! OK, not exactly "school" but her first day of Kindermusik class! She was so excited! It was incredibly adorable :) And incredibly difficult to get her to stop for a moment and pose! LOL

Here she is! All decked out in her carefully selected outfit :) Don't forget the essential accessory! Her turtle purse! Bet you can't guess what she packed for the big day ;) Try to think with a little two-year old toddler brain. . .what would be super important to bring to school? Why, your Winnie the Pooh electric toothbrush, OF COURSE! Among a few other random (though I am certain they were well thought out for HER!) items :)

Seriously mom, if you don't put the camera down NOW and get in the car, I am going to WALK to school. I'm outta here. . .

Walking to the building. . .wondering what to expect. Or based on this photo, perhaps she's wondering if her feet will grow as big as her mama's feet some day? (I have tiny feet, but to her they must look big!) or maybe she is thinking I am in dire need of a pedicure!

Look out everybody! Here we come!

Did I remember to put on my deodorant??? EEKS! I don't want to be the smelly kid in class!

Are we there yet???

Boy, this is a long walk! I hope I remembered to pack some snacks in here!

Unfortunately, after the long hike across two parking lots (we parked on the wrong side, apparently), we were informed by the teacher that the school was in fact LOCKED and there would be no class that day and it was rescheduled for the next day :( Poor Hannah was so disappointed, as were Mommy, Granny and Grandpa! So, we headed to Granny's house to see new puppy Kate, and then to Dairy Queen :) Nothing like ice cream on a hot day when you are sad about something!

So, poor Hannah kept asking about going to school the rest of the evening. At least I was able to assure her that she would get to go again the next day!

Or would she???


Will Hannah finally get to go to school?
Will the school be unlocked?
Will the toddlers be disappointed yet again and start a riot!?!?
Will sandbox toys and playground equipment be turned upside down in retaliation?
Will a conspiracy by Dairy Queen be uncovered. . .exposing the nearby treat place and their motive in locking the school thereby disappointing many toddlers and leaving parents scrambling for icy creamy ways to cheer their kids up?


**stay tuned for the gripping conclusion to this two part series! Coming to a computer screen near you. . .ummm. . .probably tomorrow!!!**

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Itsy Bitsy Spider???

HEY! You've been lying to me all this time! I thought spiders were supposed to be "itsy bitsy" not HUGE and HAIRY!!!

Meet Harry. He resides in Vail at Granny and Papa's house. . .

Hannah shares her Grandpa's fascination with creepy crawly things. . .especially the giant ones you can put a saddle and ride around the back yard on, like Harry, here. Granny found him hiding outside the other day, and Hannah and Grandpa just HAD to get a closer look!

"Heeeeeeere Harry. C'mon boy! Come out and play! Don't be shy!"

I know this is what Hannah was thinking. . ."Can I pet him, Papa? Let's take Harry for a walk! Can we keep him? I promise to feed him, give him water, and play with him ALLLLL the time! Harry can sleep in my bed with me, too! PLEEEEAAAASE!?!?!? I know my mama will love him. She won't mind!"

*EEEEK! Apparently, Hannah does not know her mama very well. . .just the mere sight of these photos sends me running and screaming the other direction! Granny was kind enough to take these pictures. I don't have a zoom lens strong enough to capture an image of a spider from a block away, behind a very tightly closed door, while cowering under a blankie!! I don't care for spiders, thank you very much*

Hide and Seek

It has been strangely quiet for the past few minutes. . . Where is Hannah???


Hmmmm. . .something is different about this bookself. But, I can't quite put my finger on it! Wait a minute. . .the bookcase is giggling???

OH!!! There she is! In the basement!
" Shhhh! Don't tell anyone about Grover's and my new hiding spot, OK, Mama???"
I'm so silly!

*I have "school" news coming soon! Hannah had her first day of Kindermusik last week, and of course I have tons of photos to share. So, stay tuned!*