Monday, July 21, 2008

And now. . .batting for the Red Sox. . .

Well, my bags are packed! I got my Red Sox hat, and I am ready to go to Boston!!!
My daddy taught me a new phrase just for my trip: "Yankees stink!" I guess their moms aren't as quick to change their stinky diapers as my mom is :)
See you all when I get back :) I'm sure my mommy will have lots of photos to share. . .

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Well, at least she likes the helmet. . .

I always joked about wrapping Hannah in bubble wrap and making her wear a helmet when she learned to walk. . .I never intended on actually DOING that of course. I do want her to be able to make friends. Anyway, bopbop (grandpa) and grandma bought Hannah an adorable little 4 wheel motorized scooter thingy (made for ages 12-36 mos) since she likes daddy's so much. And the caring people they are, they remembered to buy the helmet too!! Phew! We all imagined her fighting wearing it, and having to insist she wear it or no rides on her new toy. . .we all envisioned major negotiations and bribes to get her to put it on. Well, the joke was on us! SHe LOVES wearing the helmet :) And she is scared of the toy. Go figure! We are all thrilled that she likes the helmet of course, but poor bopbop and granny will have to wait a while to see her ride off into the sunset on the toy. For now, we can enjoy watching her waddle around in the pink helmet--looking like an adorable little pink bobblehead doll.

Four Teef!

Well, I'm a bit behind in announcing the official toof count. We've stalled at four for a while now. However, the drool factor has been kicked into high gear, so I believe we have some more on the way!

Friday, July 11, 2008

A boyfriend? Already???

Well, we knew the time would come when the boys would show an interest in Hannah. Who can blame them? She's adorable and fun to be around! But we never expected a boy to try to sweep her off her feet THIS soon!!! Daddy thinks she should not date until she's at least 30. . .so it'll be a long wait for the lucky bachelor. But Hannah is worth it.

So, despite daddy's rule on dating, I guess you can say Hannah has her 1st boyfriend! A little background on the bachelor: Keljan is the little boy across the street. He is the son of mommy's good friend, and the sister of a really sweet and wonderful little girl, Janelle. He is an older man. . .he's TWO!!! It's no secret. I'm not very good at math which is part of the reason why I chose my profession (lawyer--a mindless job really), but I believe that means he's TWICE Hannah's age! Oh my! He's a really sweet kid and very polite. But I hear he is unemployed and still lives with his parents. Hmmmmm. (Although who are we to judge? Hannah still lives with her mommy and daddy, drinks from a sippy cup, and is not employed either!) Luckily Keljan doesn't drive or have a car yet. . .but I think he has a tricycle. As long as I don't ever see his tricycle parked outside the local saloon, or see him riding around the cul de sac with any other little girls, then maybe we will let them see each other now and then, as friends, and on a supervised basis.

We'll be keeping an eye on these two.

Hannah on the 4th of July at Keljan's birthday party wearing her patriotic tank top and fireworks hair-do!

Keljan and his sister Janelle with Hannah

Keljan: "Say baby, mind if I give you a smooch?" Hannah: "Ummmm, sure, why not!"
HEE HEE!!! Keljan looks so pleased that he kissed Hannah! (Hannah on the other hand is already back to playing the piano :) I guess she is playing hard to get. . .)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


A shameless video post :)

Watch Hannah walk and giggle :)

I can listen to her giggle ALL.DAY.LONG! And her wobbly little walk is too cute :)


OK, this is not Hannah related at all. But I must share anyway!

For anyone who doesn't live in Tucson, you've probably heard me mention the javalinas in the natural area behind/on the side of our house and wondered what I was talking about! (the "j" is pronounced like an "h"(hav-a-leen-a)) The best way to describe them, is they are like "big, hairy, wild pigs." They are about the size of large dogs with tiny little legs and barrel bodies. You all probably thought I was crazy! So, it is much better to SEE them for yourself.

The other day Matt, Hannah and I were getting ready to go swimming. On my way to the pool, I heard rustling in the bushes on the other side of our fence. Upon closer inspection, I saw some javalinas!!! Usually I don't see or hear them until it is really dark outside and I can't get a good photo of them. So I took advantage of the opportunity and snapped a few photos then took a short video for your viewing pleasure.

Apparently, they are fans of Motley Crue since they showed up shortly after I turned on Matt's iPod to listen to while we were swimming--you can kind of hear it playing in the background of the video. I wonder what other 80's bands they might like? Do you think they use Aquanet hairspray on that spikey hair-do they have on their heads?

If you think they are cute at all. Don't let that fool you into thinking you'd want them around more often. They are STINKY!!!!

Good thing these photos are not "scratch and sniff!"

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

She just goes for the Chicken Wings. . .I swear!

**this post has been in draft for quite a while--this was actually from Father's day weekend**

Hannah loves HOOTERS. No, I don't mean MY hooters, I mean the restaurant. This was discovered recently when we went to Phoenix and Matt wanted to watch the Celtics game on a big screen TV and wings sounded REALLY good to us. So, we did what any good parents do, we brought our baby to HOOTERS! (hey, we weren't the only ones, there was a 15 month old across the aisle from us who made friends with Hannah right away) We were afraid that she might think we brought her to a nursing booby buffet, but she was not interested in the waitresses at all. Phew! ha ha She was much more interested in the atmosphere and food :)

See for yourself! She was all smiles, giggles. She was dancing in her highchair the whole time. I'm not kidding! It was so cute!
We didn't let her try the wings this time, but she loved the grilled cheese. . .

Hey! This place is pretty fun! I'm a big girl and get to sit up high at the table with mommy and daddy!

Mmmmmm. Grilled cheese :) Don't worry, my mommy wiped the table off with disinfectant wipes before feeding me here. . .she wiped off the chair too. I know that doesn't surprise some of you. ha ha (she was seen earlier that day wiping down ALL the furniture, mirror, remote, phone, windows, bathroom, etc. at the hotel too. . .she's a nut!)

Hmmmm, the grilled cheese was pretty good but I am still hungry. Now what should I get?

Needless to say, she ordered the cheese BOOGER

Here she is! Happy to be there and rooting for the Celtics :)

In this video, you can hear her saying balloon :) (well, her version of balloon anyway --"bahbah")

Arizona baby

I can't believe I have a child who prefers to sit on concrete. She hates grass. Poor kid barely ever sees it, and thus, thinks it is trying to eat her or something! She was freaked out by it and didn't want to crawl on it. She finally relaxed when I picked her up and plunked her down on the warm concrete. **sigh** Poor girl. I need to work on this one. . .Doesn't she know she has Illinois blood running through her? I used to spend all summer as a kid playing on grass! I miss it so much that I can be seen hanging my head out the car window like a dog as we pass a newly mowed golf course!

(the video is hard to see because it was shot at night-sorry)