Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Round n' Round

**This is OLD! But it is one of many posts I had in EDIT from this summer/BOSTON**

Hannah had her first experience on a merry go round in Chicago last October. Then again in March when we went to Disneyland and San Diego. That was enough exposure to get her hooked. She loves those horsies :) So, naturally, when we were in Boston, and she spotted this "round n' round" (or "merry round" as she later called it) she HAD to ride it! She spotted it from 2 blocks away and there was no stopping her! She wanted to ride the horsies and go round and round. And round and round and round and round. . .she went! Over the course of three days, she probably rode it 1000 times! And she never got dizzy! Papa and Mama traded off riding with her (and emptying our wallets)

The kid loves the "merry rounds"! I swear she can sense them in her sleep! We thought we'd get by one day without having to ride since she had fallen asleep in her stroller on the walk to the New England Aquarium. . .but alas, as soon as were across the street from it, she mumbled "merry round, I wanna ride merry round" in her sleep! She didn't even have her eyes open yet, and she was already begging to ride the merry round. Somehow we convinced her to wait until after the Aquarium. But it wasn't easy!

Oh dear. I think the ride is starting to slow down! I promised not to cry, but I want to go again! I better get my sad eyes and lip ready for Papa. He'll take me on it again! I only promised Mama I wouldn't cry if I got to ride one last time! I made no promises to Papa. Hee hee, I have this all figured out ;-)

Hannah was not to keen on the ticket-taking lady. She kept calling her a "him." LOL She would furrough her brows, look towards the lady, and say "him", as if she was asking me if "him" was OK, and making sure "him" was not going to eat her or something. LOL I explained that SHE was OK, and that we should be nice to HER since SHE operates the ride ;) Otherwise, she might not let us in! LOL
Papa buying more tickets after Mama's wallet was empty. . .
Waiting in line for your turn can seem like an eternity! But she didn't dare ask "him" (the ticket lady) to stop the ride and let her on. . .she didn't want to make "him" upset! LOL
Don't worry, it'll be any moment now. The ride is slowing down.

Off we go! Bye Mama and Daddy!

Just for fun, here's a photo from the merry round at *Disneyland March 2009* Less than a year ago and she looked so tiny back then!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ducky toot!

A favorite pastime in the bath. . .I figured it out all on my own! I had no idea my rubber duckies were so "talented" :) They really quack me up!

I was wondering, do they make Beano or Gas-X for ducks made of rubber who get gas from drinking bath water? Hmmmm, you mean NOBODY thought of that yet? WELL! Since my Pampered Chef thing from last winter didn't work out, perhaps I will look into discovering gastrointestinal relief for rubber ducks! I need help thinking of a name for my product, though. . .Stay tuned!

helping daddy comes back to bite him. . .

So, remember all the trial prep Hannah did with her Daddy before his big trial a few weeks ago? Well, little did he know it would come back to bite him later. He did not think she would ever use what she learned against him! She is one smart cookie :)

We were on our way to Old Papa and Old Granny's house to trick or treat (it is about a 35 minute drive), and Hannah got really quiet in the back seat. . .

Daddy: ""Are you sleeping, Hannah?"

Hannah: "Yes" (though clearly she was not, since she answered him! LOL)

Daddy: "Tell the truth, Hannah"

Hannah: "You can't handle troof!"

Mommy and Daddy tried REALLY hard not to let her hear us laughing, but it was a lost cause :)

And on a somewhat related-in-a-strange-sorta-way note. . .we are very saddened to inform you that Hannah was caught drinking and driving her train the other night. . .she told us she was on her way to pick up some milk for Kermit, honey for Pooh, shoes for Grover, and cookies for Cookie Monster when she was pulled over for swerving her train on the tracks! (who knew that a train could swerve??? but apparently when you drink and drive anything is possible)

These pictures tell it all. . .There is no denying she is guilty as charged! Not sure what the punishment will be, but I have a feeling it will be stiff. Hopefully her daddy can work out a good plea for her! No cookies for one week; we'll have to take the keys to her train for a while; and make sure she does some kind of community service. Perhaps cleaning up Oscar the Grouch's garbage can?

I tell ya, it is getting more and more difficult to raise law abiding kids these days!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Little Red Riding Hood

Oh boy! Trick or treating! I hope I don't run into the Big Bad Wolf during our adventure. . .

Stopping to smell the roses. . .er. . .well, stopping so mommy can take some photos of me since I look so cute :)
Seriously mom? Couldn't we do this AFTER I get my candy?

Yoo hoo! Anybody home? Trick or treat! Hmmmm. The birdies and bunnies who live down there aren't giving out candy this year. Oh well.
Did I hear the Big Bad Wolf over there?
Come on daddy, lets go find some candy :)
Boy, this bag is HEAVY! (*actually it only had ONE piece of candy in it*)
My good friend across the street :)
And her sister :) Their poor brother was napping when I stopped by :(

And over the river and through the woods we went to Old Granny and Old Papa's house to see what kind of candy they had! OH NO! Is that the Big Bad Wolf next to Old Granny? No, it is Emme's puppy, Coltrane :) Phew!

Why can't the Big Bad Wolf be as nice as Coltrane?

Trick or treating at Granny and Papa's neighborhood. (We only went to a couple houses)

Who goes there!?!?! I think I heard the wolf!!!
Mama kept me safe :)