Sunday, June 29, 2008

I scream, You scream, We all scream for ICE CREAM

We had a FUN day on Saturday :)

We went out to lunch by the U of A on Saturday, where Hannah proceeded to steal everyone's attention and became their entertainment for the duration of our stay. She was so adorable. The waiter even gave us the "cute baby discount." Nice!
After lunch, we took Hannah to Baskin Robbins and bought her a scoop of vanilla ice cream :) We walked to the U of A campus (about one block away) and sat in the grass and let her enjoy it! She made a HUGE mess, but seemed to really like it :) Many onlookers commented on how yummy the cone looked and how she must REALLY be enjoying it! ha ha When she was done, she even shared some of her cone with the cute little birdies who were watching her eat. After she and the birdies were satisfied, we contemplated dipping her into the fountain at Old Main, but opted instead to use about 1000 baby wipes to wipe her clean, and then let her run around until her dress dried off before strapping our little vanilla glazed babe into her car seat to go home.
**more on our poor little munchkin's booboo that you can see on her nose in the next post. . .**

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer treat

Happy to share the delightful treat with her best friend

Takoda was happy to help clean her sticky fingers :)

Uh OH! It's almost gone :(

Mmmmm. Popsicles! A kid's (and apparently a dog's) favorite summer treat :)

Gerber Cheesies aka "Baby Crack"

"Hey. . .Hannah! I'm kind of tired. You got any cheesy pick me ups?"
"Dude. I am in need of a cheese fix, myself. I snuck a can of cheesies into my mom's suitcase. . .lets see if we can find them!"

"You distract my mom, while I pull the can out"

SCORE!!! YUMMY YUMY YUMMY! :) Cheesies for everybody!

They shared so nicely. It was adorable :)

Her name is Hannah, and she is addicted to Gerber Cheese Puffs. She's GOT TO HAVE THEM. . .daily! We buy them weekly, and haven't been without a can in the house in MONTHS! We should buy Gerber stock, because they must be making a HUGE profit off of us right now.

I think she is going to turn into a cheese puff one of these days and it is probably my fault. I craved and ate cheese by the truckload (oftentimes melted on Doritos--YUMMY!) when I was pregnant with her. I would not be surprised if she was made of cheese! So perhaps she needs the puffs to sustain her. Or maybe I need to check the ingredients more closely. . .Whatever the reason, she LOVES them.

When we were in Phoenix, Hannah got to see her friend Alexis. They had a WONDERFUL time together. Unfortunately, our little Hannah exposed Alexis to the cheesy yummyness of the cheese puffs. . .and poor Alexis didn't stand a chance. She was hooked! Despite the fact that it was time to leave, she kept leaping from her stroller in a single bound for just ONE more cheese puff. . .just one more. . .just one more. . .until I filled her tray with enough to get her to her car. Luckily, Hannah was happy to oblige and share the can. Or was she simply fueling poor unsuspecting Alexis's new habit? I don't know. But I don't think Laura (aka mom) will be calling me for any more playdates until Hannah gets hold of her problem.

All kidding aside, it was incredibly cute to see the two girls sharing the enthusiasm for a can of cheesies.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vroom Vroooooom!

Hannah found a new toy. . .daddy's scooter! Yes, we all know she likes to pretend to drive it at home, but on a recent trip to Phoenix for a conference, Matt rented a scooter similar to the one he uses at work/home, and they delivered a bigger 4 wheel one! There was plenty of room on the floor of the scooter for Hannah to sit and ride around with her daddy. On an evening when she refused to go to bed, it provided HOURS of fun and got many onlookers giggling.

Hannah's daddy is the coolest. . .
Check it out!

Take me out to the ball game!

Daddy and me at the baseball game! We had lots of FUN!


I'm only as tall as the Mascot's knee!

Ball games are fun, but they wear me out. . .

For Father's Day we went to Phoenix for a Diamondbacks baseball game. It was Hannah's 1st major league game! She liked it. Although I think she was more interested in scoping out other cute babies as they walked by. . .and she loved it when the crowd did the wave!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to a wonderful daddy :)

I must say, that Hannah has a pretty special daddy :) I have known Matt a loooooong time, and knew him 1st as an enemy (ha ha), then a friend, then a boyfriend, fiance, and hubby. But I never had a chance to experience Matt as a DAD until Hannah came along!!! I must say he does an awesome job at being a dad. Hannah absolutely adores him, and I enjoy watching them play, snuggle, and make faces at each other. He has taught her so many things already. I look forward to watching their relationship grow over the years.

For Father's Day, Hannah wanted to paint her dada a picture. So, I found some non-toxic washable finger paints, and let her go! She had a blast. . .well, she had fun once she was done tasting all the colors first. I think her favorite was yellow. She had more than one lick of that! YUM! I think I had just as much fun watching her as she did painting the masterpiece (and the sidewalk, her hair, face, legs, arms, tooshy, etc.) When she was done, I cut a piece of the painting out and put it in a frame with some pictures of her painting her masterpiece, outling the painting. It turned out really nice! (at least I think so) Daddy liked it and he is going to hang it in his office :)

More on Father's Day in a bit. . .

Bathing Beauty

Our little bathing beauty! She really has an eye for fashion. . .

Even Jack couldn't resist trying on the bathing cap!

So then we ALL had to try it on. Who do you think looks best? Well Hannah of course! But who comes in second? My vote is a two way split between Jack and Daddy.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Walking :)

Here she is! Walking. . .notice the Cheeto in her mouth and orange fingers? She still prefers to be bribed with Cheetos, but will happily walk to you if you ask her nicely. Good girl :)

She is up to 8-9 steps now!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Bad influence!

Geez, I leave the kids in the pool alone for ONE MINUTE! And look what happens. . .

Hannah snuck a beer to her daddy! She knows better that. . .

Both of them are grounded. :)

**In case CPS is reading this, here's my disclaimer stating the obvious: don't worry, Hannah's beer was NOT open**

**In case Coors is reading this, here's my second disclaimer: the beer/can was not harmed in any way in the making of this blog. After consumption by the gentleman on the right, it was peacefully laid to rest in the recycle bin**

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The power of CHEETOS!

Apparently, Cheetos hold some special power for one year olds, that I was totally unaware of until last Sunday. . .

Think I'm nuts? See for yourself! Hold a Cheeto out in front of Hannah, and watch her take off running for it!

Hannah got a taste of Cheetos last weekend. Prior to the introduction of REAL Cheetos (not the Gerber cheese puffs that she is accustom to), Hannah was only able to take a step or two here and there. Don't get me wrong, she is able to walk/cruise all over the place, as long as she has her hand on something like a wall, my finger, furniture, etc. But she's been too cautious to take more than 1-2 steps without holding onto anything. Actually, the problem is she gets too giggly and ends up falling down once she lets go and tries take those precious first steps! We celebrate each and every step, and laugh with her when she giggles and topples over. But for some reason, Cheetos have magical powers! Cheetos have allowed Hannah to double her walking distance! So, perhaps Cheetos posess some higher power that allows Hannah to overcome the giggles for just a little longer!

Either that, or she just didn't have any good reason to walk more than one to two steps until she tasted the cheesy goodness of a Cheeto! Hmmmmm :p Something tells me that it is the latter. . .
I can already see it. . .Hannah, years from now, running a marathon with a bag of Cheetos strapped to her waist instead of a water bottle! :)

Hannah Banana

Hannah the queen of bedhead. . .was hard at work this morning at breakfast inventing a new way to control it! Bananas!

Who knew? No need for gels, hairspray, etc. Just put bananas in your hair, and you are good to go! I suppose it could make for a tasty mid-morning snack later, too. Just remember to put a little lemon juice on the bananas before putting them up there, or they'll turn brown. That would be a major fashion faux pas!

Look mama!

First you put a piece here, like this. . .

But if you want more coverage, you have to mush it in your hand first, like this!