Monday, April 4, 2011

So what do YOU do in your spare time?

I have something to share with you! You want to hear it?

Are you SURE?

We are a completely normal family. Really we are!

I don't know what you like to do during the day, but we like to make things! Lots of *things*. . .the house is covered in *things* that were carefully crafted and designed by me. I love to do activities! I love crafts, drawing, writing, painting, and creating just about anything in my imagination. . . I also love to play, because. . .well, I am a KID, and that is my job.

Here's some of the things we do in our spare time:

We label things. . .

Like the CAT!

. . .and the DOG. You know, because they look so much alike, and we have trouble telling them apart

We make nifty window decorations to mask the dog nose prints on the patio door

We treat the pets with the utmost respect, and treat them like they are part of the family!

"Come here, Koda! I have something really important to tell you, and it has nothing to do with the water hose in my hand. . ."


We spend lots of time reading books :)

I like to jam to some tunes on Daddy's iPod
"Hey, Daddy? I'm all done listening to Bret Michaels. . .where's Bon Jovi?

We use frinkles on just about anything. . .here we frinkled them on a boring cake, but we've been known to put them on oatmeal, crackers,chicken, and even I glued some on Daddy's Valentine's Day card because I thought they'd be better than sparkles (glitter)!

Making a mess while baking is part of ALL of our family recipes. . . Just take my word for it, because I am pretty certain that it is written in invisible ink

Go ahead! Lick the bowl (FYI: mama usually substitutes eggs with applesauce or bananas, so licking the bowl is fun and nobody risks intestinal unrest!)

OK, you get the point, basically we just like to bake stuff!

I like to ride my tricycle

I love to draw something-er-others on my drawing board. . .

Painting is lots of fun!

I like to personalize greetings for everyone

Make "kites" that will never actually fly but look pretty awesome

Make new additions to the family. . .
I am pleased to introduce Cinderella-saurus! A princess dinosaur my Mama and I made. I did almost all the work. Looks just like a royal dinosaur, right? I know. (You can stop bowing. She's not real)

Hang artwork all over the house with painters tape

more painting

I love painting!

More something-er-others on the art board
I love to make things for people :) Like painting this frame for daddy!
Welcome to my swingset diner. What would you like today? We serve ice cream (rocks); hot dogs (rocks); chicken (rocks); malts (more rocks); and cookies (you guessed it. . .rocks!).
Sorry, we don't serve any fiber to help you digest all that.I love to swing! I almost mastered the art of swinging by myself, but I still prefer someone to push me :)Outside play is very serious business at my house. No goofy stuff, I swear.

I love to play dress up. Here I am getting dressed up for bathtime! Hmm. My mom had the same reaction you did! But, I still don't get WHY I can't wear Ariel's dress in the bath!?! She is a MERMAID! She is supposed to get wet! Sheesh!
Even Koda likes to get in on dress-up time!

We color cookies. These were pretty neat because they came with food coloring markers! As fun as it was to color them, I had NO problem whatsoever eating them shortly after this photo was taken. Sometimes eating art is better than creating it!

And when we aren't being artists, reading, singing, making up stories, decorating each other's faces and nails, baking, or eating candy and cookies in my play tents. . .well, then we must be sleeping, of course!

Our house is fun :) Wanna join us sometime?