Friday, May 30, 2008

Remember when. . .

Now that you've seen a few photos of what she is SUPPOSED to look like (only bigger now). . .fast forward to today and you'll see something has changed. She figured out how to ESCAPE!

I sat her down. She looked so cute! Now sit still Hannah. . .Nope! Apparently she has better things to do. Like growling at the giraffe in her crib :o
OK, I'll try again! This time I tried to bribe her with a balloon. . .didn't work
And there she goes again!
Photo session officially over. . .oh well.


Hannah 4

Momma ZERO!

I remember when I could sit Hannah's cute little fanny in her rocker and take adorable photos of her each month to show how much she's grown! :)

I guess those days are officially over! She can't sit still! I tried, I REALLY did! But either my camera is not fast enough, or she moves at lightening speed now.

Little stinker!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Rubber ducky, you're the one! You make bathtime lots of fun. . .

. . .Rubber ducky I am awfully fond of YOU! Dooo! Bo-doh--bo-dee-oh!"

It has been too long! Now I am forced to spill all the info and photos at once. So, there are a couple of posts to weed through and enjoy :) Random cuteness ahead! Hannah is obsessed with rubber duckies :) Who can blame her! They are pretty cute :) Here she is getting creative when she ran out of hands to hold her duckies while playing in grandma's tub. . .

Official TOOF count. . .TWO!

I need to keep track, so here's my first official tally. . .



No, that is not a typo. . .that is Hannah's newest word!
Translation: "Grandpa" :)

She said it consistently this weekend, beginning when she saw him through the rear window of the car, from her carseat when we arrived at the party on Saturday! She has said it before, but it wasn't as clear or consistent. Saturday she made certain to let us ALL know she knows who her bomp-bah is :) I think bomp-bah's heart swelled another size hearing that :) Hannah definately has a special relationship with him, it is absolutely adorable!


Oink oink here, oink oink there. . .

Hannah met her 1st PIG on Saturday! It was a big surprise to us :) Little did we know that we'd get to meet Mr. Snuffaluffagus when we accepted an invitation to attend a graduation party for a family friend. The family lives in Vail, the same town as Glenn and Kathy, but this family lives in a different area. . .a much more rural setting. They have a decent size lot, that is big enough to house a PIG!!! Pretty cool! We enjoyed meeting him, but I don't think he liked us very much. He eventually turned his hack end to us and deposited a couple of presents. . .we took that as our cue to skeedaddle! ha ha

The party was lots of fun, and of course Hannah was a hit! What can I say, the girl likes to party! (I think it has something to do with the cake, really) I swear, Hannah is going to start thinking cake is a weekend staple. . .she will be sorely mistaken this coming weekend. ha ha

Watch out! She thinks she can drive!

Well, Hannah is ONE going on SIXTEEN! The kid loves to "drive" her daddy's three-wheel scooter. As soon as he gets home from work, she crawls over, grabs onto his leg, and proceeds to try to climb up him to get onto his lap. Her poor little face gets beet red because she is trying so hard to jump/climb, but hasn't mastered that skill yet. ha ha She is one determined little girl! Once she gets lifted onto his lap, she squeals and kicks her legs with excitement! Daddy lets her steer and beep the horn :) She doesn;t really care whether they are moving or not, so long as she is in the driver's seat. Eventually daddy switches chairs, and the seat on the scooter is FREE! AH HA! Hannah is back to trying to climb the scooter and get into that chair! SHe sqeals and bobs back and forth in the seat. Giggles. It is the cutest darn thing ever! She will give you her scrunched up face if you ask her if she wants to get down, or if mommy or grandpa can have a turn! No such luck! It's HER scooter. Apparently she only lets daddy borrow it for work during the week ;)

Daddy said we'll need to start hiding the key once she learns how to climb onto the seat. . .otherwise she will go joy riding in the midde of the night! ha ha

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dance, baby, DANCE!

Hannah is a dance-a-holic! She doesn't discriminate in music either. Commercial jingles, American Idol performances, country, rock, R&B, metal, mommy and daddy singing, the jazzy music she composes on her Leap Frog music table, you name it! It gets her booty shakin' and her head a-boppin'! She'll stop whatever she's doing to get her groove on when she hears a song somewhere. It is too cute :) She was really dancing tonight as we watched the Idol Finale. She got a really good workout. ha ha

The other night she was eagerly awaiting her bath (her other favorite pasttime) and I took her diaper off. She was standing at the tub, peering in at the floating duckies and bath books, yelling "duh! duh! duh!" ("duck! duck! duck!") and "bah bah bah"("bath bath bath")and hopping up and down with anticipation. Then I told her I needed to go get something from her room and asked if she wanted to come with me? She did'nt seem interested in leaving the bath. Matt was nearby, and she was in NO danger of falling into the tub, so I quickly left to get whatever it was. . .and she decided to follow. (I knew she would) Next thing I know, she's standing at the fridge (completely naked, remember!) dancing and bobbing up and down to the banjo music from her fridge farm toy! It was hilarious! I really should've gotten that on video. It would've made a lovely addition to her wedding video someday. . .

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

For the LOVE of french fries

Well, I am officially one of those parents who feeds her kid french fries :) What can I say! The kid loves them! Despite my efforts to feed her mostly organic HEALTHY foods. . .french fries snuck into the menu. It was bound to happen eventually! We ordered her a kids grilled (not fried) chicken n'cheese meal at a restaurant on Saturday, and it came with fries. That is when we discovered she is a true fan. We tried once before and she barely nibbled. . .
So fastforward to today. Today was Hannah's 12 month well baby visit at the doctor's office and she had to get a shot :( (we are doing a delayed vax schedule--in case anyone is interested) Fuddruckers is near the pediatrician's office, so I stopped there to get Matt and I dinner for later. YUMMY! Anyone who knows us, knows we love Fudd's burgers. We haven't had it in quite a while, so it seemed like a fabulous idea! Plus, now I don't have to cook.

Anyway, when I got home, I gave Hannah a couple fries. She was quite happy :) I guess she's forgotten all about the awful experience at the doctor's office. Poor kid! I think she is finally wised up to what goes on there! This is the 1st time she flipped out and her head spun around at 80 miles an hour just from getting her undressed to be measured and weighed by the nurse! She hadn't even brought in the needle yet! YIKES! I felt awful for her. The pediatrician came in and brought Hannah some bubbles. SCORE! That was the trick! Watching the doc blow bubbles while she examined her was MUCH easier. Bubbles didn't keep the tears at bay when the nurse came back with the shot and injected it into her little thigh though :( Oh well.

I forgot to give her 12 month stats!

Her weight is in the 25th percentile--19lbs 4oz
height was in the 10th-25th precentile range--28 inches
and last but not least. . .her head was off the charts at ABOVE the 95th percentile. (I forgot what the circumfrence was; 48.5, I think?) Poor little lollipop headed girl. She takes after her daddy. He has a huge noggin too. She must be growing a huge brain in there :) That's certainly not a bad thing!

Monday, May 19, 2008


She who refuses to nap. . .inevitably loses the battle :)

She's been down for the count with a little cloud of "zzzzz" over head for almost 2 hours! :p
I find it quite amusing that Hannah will fight tooth and nail NOT to nap in her crib, but makes herself right at home. . .on the hard tile floor!?!? I had to wake her and ask her where her blankie was. Then she crawled over and put it under her head and went back to sleep. ha ha
Silly goof! She takes after me. I can sleep almost anywhere!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Where does the time go?

Here's a plethora of photos of Hannah from BIRTH to 12 MONTHS. . .

ENJOY watching her grow :)
(or shrink. . .depending if you are reading this blog from latest entry to first, or vice versa! ha ha)