Saturday, March 29, 2014

Let me clear the cobwebs and dust. . .

WOW! I never intended to leave this blog alone for so long.  I am so sorry. . .

Life with an active six year old is BUSY and wonderful :)

Where do I even begin?

Once Upon a Time, there lived a Glittery-Superhero-Sporty-Princess, named Hannah. . .

She keeps us on our toes!  She keeps us laughing. . .and guessing. . .and makes us SO proud!  She is lovable, adorable, and so very talented :)  These photos pretty much sum her up!  A short "list" of photos that help define who she is and what she's been up to over the years. . .all the things that help shape her and make her who she is today :)

I will try to make a bigger effort to blog more often.  There are so many wonderful stories to share!  Sorry this blog laid stagnant for too long:(  I hope to revive it. . .

The following photos sort of sum Hannah up over the past two years. . .although she is really SO much more :)

must always have birthday parties for the pets

aftermath of cookie decorating

 asleep on a whale watch boat

 Batman jammies with a cape and. . .high heels, of course!

 cartwheels on the beach in Hawaii

 JetBlue Pilot!  

 waiting for the subway in Boston
 Daisy Scout campout