Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hoppy Easter Everybunny! :)

Happy Easter
Matt was naughty this year, so the Easter Bunny left him a real *treat* in his hat! No candy for him! He got a rock, a potato, some kleenex with Easter Bunny boogies in it (jelly bean/rainbow colored of course!) a cracked egg, and a chocolate Munchkin (it looked like a poo ball!) LOL

Hannah felt bad for her daddy, and gave him some of her candy, and told him he better be good so the EB will bring him some toys and candy, too! :) I hope the pep talk worked. . .I guess we'll find out next year! Matt should learn to hide his hats on the night before Easter.
The trail of eggs. . .
leading to Hannah's loot!
Oops, these were out of order. Here's Matt's "Easter Basket" I bet you are all jealous of his loot!
The eggs. . .strategically placed by the Easter Bunny, leading to Hannah's Easter basket. . .here they quietly sit on cold tile floor, living out their final hours in the dark hours of the morning. . . anxiously awaiting Hannah's awakening so they may be scooped up and placed carefully in her basket :) (or, not so carefully placed in her basket. . .CRUNCH! CRACK!)
They look so peaceful, don't they? Alas, their peace was short lived. . .before they were gathered up by Hannah and thrown into her basket, I caught Howie knocking them around and rearranging the trail. Hmmmmm. Perhaps he was upset that HE didn't get a basket and was trying to throw Hannah off the trail to her loot? Or maybe he just likes playing Egg Soccer :)
Hannah's loot!
Miss Bed Head

Howie wanted to help, but he does not have posable thumbs and had lots of trouble picking up the eggs
Look how happy she is awaiting the egg hunt at church! Can't you just FEEL the positive energy? Her patience is just overwhelming. . .
Seriously, are they ready YET?!?!?! How long does it take for all the kids to get their baskets over here so we can start? I'm WAITING!
Awww, MOOO-OOOM! C'mon! Tell them to HURRY UP!
On your marks. . .get ready. . .get set. . .

Her basket was filled in about 2 minutes! A big improvement over last year's time :) And yes, she saved an egg or two for the other kids :)

After church, we had the family over for dinner. . .our first holiday dinner in the new house :)

Old Granny wearing Hannah's Easter bonnet :) (yes it fits, Hannah has a giant head and wears hats large enough to fit adults. . .and possibly small elephants or bears :)

Kathy's Sunflower Cake
My pot roast
Kathy's Chicken
Let's Eat!
Blowing Bubbles after Dinner with "Mart"

Coming back for seconds of chocolate cake

All the sugar has absolutely NO effect on Hannah. . .none at all! (see video at the bottom of this post)
See? No ill effects of chocolate. Everything looks completely normal here. And she certainly was not hyper or silly. . .not at all! . .
Sweet moment between Matt and his grandma, caught on camera :) Cute.
Hannah and Old Papa
Hannah and "Emme"
Could the sugar have worn off? Is she ready to rest?
*5 minutes later* Yup, NO side effects from the sugar. Good to know Hannah can handle buckets of sugar and act completely normal and calm :)

Running and Jumping
more running and jumping. . .fueled by. . .you guessed it! SUGAR!
Little Miss Energizer Bunny, STILL running. . .

FINALLY after playing in the tub for an hour (with her new playhouse tub toy) Hannah fell asleep :) No chocolate/sugar hangover in the AM. So, all was well :)