Friday, May 27, 2011

Beautiful girl :)

*yes, yes, I know. . .the following post does not look like pictures from Disneyland. . .or Easter. . .or Hannah's Birthday. . .or the beach.. . .but those wonderful posts ARE still coming. I'm working on them, I SWEAR!!!**

If you live within a 25 mile radius, and/or you are friends with my mama on Facebook, you probably already saw all of these! But my mama is pretty proud of these photos, so she wants to share them here, too.

All I got paid for this awesome photo shoot was a POPSICLE! But it was a REALLY good one. . .and I ate the whole thing. I didn't have to save any of it in my piggy bank. So, that was pretty cool. . .

Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm so glad you asked!

I know this is not one of the posts I promised in my last lame post, but I share it with you anyway! SO there!
Imagine if Hannah didn't ask ANY questions? Wow, it would be really quiet in this house.

I know you can picture this scenario. For the millionth time, she asks yet another WHY question. . .and I sit a moment, trying hard to think of THE answer to stop the chain of questions that are hanging off the first one!!! Of course that is impossible. No matter what I say, there is ALWAYS another question looming overhead. Can't escape it. She's four! She has a lot to learn and A.LOT.OF.QUESTIONS!

I say, bring it on! Most of the time, it is cute :) Even when she asks some real doozies, and I feel totally inadequate, I am able to come up with something to satisfy her inquiry. I always vow to look it up later, in case it comes up again. I feel bad for her teachers.

But, I am not complaining :) I am sometimes very glad she asks "why?" Like tonight. We were making blueberry banana applesauce (HEALTHY!) muffins :) Ok, Ok. She was calling them cupcakes. . . And, the sneaky mom that I am, had to ensure she would eat the *cough* treats *cough* despite their lack of one very important ingredient. . .SUGAR! So, naturally, I went along and called the fruit/wheat unsugared baking creations, "cupcakes". . .but I digress. Anywhoooo! I was measuring out the baking soda, and Hannah was looking very perplexed. She finally asked her 194,366,434,918th WHY question of the day, and it was a good one!

"Mama? WHY are you putting kitty litter in the cupcakes?"

Now, some day, when I am old and senile and blind, this will be a REALLY important question, guys! But today, I was able to tell her with confidence that I was NOT putting litter bits in the batter.

"It's not kitty litter, sweetie. It's baking soda!"

She still didn't look sure. Oh buy, she is SO my child. Don't trust anyone. YOU are usually right, and everyone else is off their rocker. Her perplexed little scrunched up face, clued me in that she did not like my answer, and was still pretty sure, I was wrong.

I am sure she was wondering if I was trying to poison her? Because I've told her in the past that kitty litter isn't food. So, should she call granny and ask for help? or maybe a better recipe?

After a moment of feeling miffed that she didn't trust her dear ol' mom. . . I realized, the Arm & Hammer baking soda box looks really similar to the Arm & Hammer Kitty Litter box! So, I was able to explain it sufficiently enough to untangle her face, and we were able to move onto the more recognizable and less confusing ingredients.

Smart kid. Glad she doesn't trust me, and asked. Without that very important differentiation, we'd all be in trouble later in life if she made us muffins, er, um "cupcakes!" Beware, if they taste like gritty laundry detergent and you see her crumbling the leftover muffins into the cat's litter box. . . she's mixing up the baking soda with the kitty litter again!

On the other hand, if your cupcakes taste like healthy muffins, that's her mother's fault ;) I'll take full responsibility.

Next time, we will explore a gripping, in depth look into WHY you can't chew the noses off of your Tangled figurines? or WHY you can't see the cat's belly button?


WHY you should never take too big of a bite of a hot dog at a baseball game when your mom is taking photos??? LOL

Stay tuned. . .

Monday, May 16, 2011

Beaches, Birthdays, Easter, Disneyland, Elmo, and Tball. . .OH MY!

ACK! We've been SOOOO BUSY! It's like we have no idea which way is up??? So, the poor blog has suffered. BUT, the good news is. . .we are settling down now, and mommy can catch up over the next couple of weeks!

Lots to talk about! So many fun things happened over the past month :) Here's a tiny preview!