Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I bet you wish you were me!

I spent an hour today entertaining the Empire Carpet guy with a Gerber Apple Fruit Strip plastered to my fanny. . . Nice.

Apparently, lil' miss troublemaker decided the dining room chair was the perfect place to store her 1/2 eaten fruit bar right before mommy sat down. I had no clue it was there!!! Not long after that, the carpet guy arrived to give us an estimate. That meant I needed to take him around the house to all the bedrooms so he could measure them. So, he must've seen the apple bar on my rear. How could he not? It is a lovely shade of DARK BROWN and I was wearing pink shorts. Hmmmmm. At least there is nothing dark brown out there that he could've mistaken it as. . .right? Oh yeah, right. Nothing at all. Especially not on someone's fanny. Ugh.

A day in the life of a mommy of a one year old. . .jealous? :p

Sorry guys, no photos of THAT! But here's Hannah walking around in my slippers. I assure you, these are much cuter than any photo taken of my apple bottom! If only she knew what it was REALLY like to walk in my shoes. . .with a gooey apple bar stuck to her fanny. . .

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Panhandling for milk money. . .

Well, it is no wonder my poor starving child is only in the 10th percentile for weight (20lbs 4oz) at 15 months! (She looks emaciated, doesn't she?) Well, apparently it is due to my neglect in making sure she is properly fed while I am at work and she is babysitting her grandma and grandpa :)

Did you ever have one of those days? You know, where you do something that throws you out of your normal morning routine, and then everything gets thrown off and you end up doing dumb stuff that should be second nature because you usually do it correctly every other morning??? Like you are running late b/c you broke something, and so you are not paying attention and end up putting on two different shoes, you forget your lunch, or what have you. Apparently breaking a glass salt shaker and making a HUGE mess requiring sweeping and vacuuming while trying to make breakfast and get everybody ready for the day means mommy forgets to pack her poor little peanut's lunch! OOPS!

My poor baby had to resort to begging. . .

Nice. Just add my application for "Mommy of the Year" please!

Luckily, the resouceful (and subtle) people that they are, Hannah's grandparents made this spiffy panhandling sign in hopes of scoring the poor baby some nourishment. . .(I think they should have included a disclaimer that no funds donated would go towards fueling her cheesie and ice cream addiction, but who am I to criticize? I am the one who forgot to pack her lunch and essentially sent her out onto the street in the first place!)

Fear not, granny's pantry is stocked full of baby food, Cheerios, cheesies, baby meals and goodies of all kinds for Hannah. She was not REALLY going to go hungry despite my neglect! But it sure was funny to come home to this sign hanging around Hannah's neck though. She threw a fit whenI tried to take it off, too!!! Yikes! Perhaps we should rethink the 529 college savings plan we're setting up for her, and just start saving cardboard boxes for her to make signs instead :p I hear those guys standing by the highway make more than $25/hour! Not bad!

**In case you have trouble reading the sign, it says:


Money For



My Mommy

doesn't give

me lunch

Pretty Girl

Oh for goodness sakes! These photos have been sitting in draft since right before we left for Boston! So, I am officially releasing them to the public now :)


Dear God, please bless my mommy, my daddy, Takoda, Howie. . .and do you think you could make it rain cheesies or ice cream sometime? That would be so cool :) Thanks! Amen.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Baths are fun!

This is what my hair looks like after mommy washes it!

I don't know who has more fun at bathtime. . .me? or mommy?

Rocketship rides to the planet Mailbox

HEY! Somebody PULL me, please!

I'm waiting. . . Fine, I'll scoot it by myself. Sheesh!

Coming in for a landing after a trip to the planet Mailbox. A celestial voyage she takes a couple times a week.

A few months ago, Bopbop and granny bought Hannah a red rocketship. It is one of Hannah's favorite toys! She quickly learned how to get on/off all by herself, and navigates the buttons quite well. She is very good at warning us about approaching astroids, when we are approaching Jupitor, and when it is time to BLAST OFF!!! (We are beginning to think that an unfortunate side effect of so many blast offs has caused the asteroids. . .we're looking into some over-the-counter treatment for the asteroids right now)

Hannah's rocketship also comes equipped with a secret storage compartment (it's under the seat--shhhhh! don't tell!). This is where she stores prized possessions such as moon rocks (lovely carefully picked landscape rocks from the common areas around the subdivision), a doll, a shoe, some cheese puffs, a book, a rubber ducky. . . you name it, it's probably been hidden in there at least once. I think I even saw her trying to coax the cat in there once! I don't think I need to tell you how that one turned out. Howie is NOT interested in going to the moon, Jupitor, planet Mailbox, or anywhere that is more than a 5 second walk from his food dish. Have you seen that moose. . .I mean, cat's belly?

The rocket is not motorized, and it doesn't come with any mechanism for pulling/pushing her around either. So, bopbop, the clever handyman that he is, gave her one of his old belts and strapped it to the handlebars, and that is how we all pull her around. She loves it! She can scoot it around by herself, but she MUCH prefers to be chauffeured. She doesn't want to get her feet dirty, ya know!

The red rocket is her second favorite mode of transportation to go get the mail (second only to the floor of daddy's scooter of course).

Friday, August 15, 2008

Where everybody knows your name. . .

WOW! Can you believe this is FINALLY the last installment of our Boston adventure?
I appreciate anybody who is still here and did not fall asleep :)


Can I have a beer please?
My ID? Ummmmm. . .Shucks! I must've left it at home. . .

Well, it was worth a try anyway. I guess I'll settle for a tall milk and a cup of baked beans. YES! I said beans! What's it to you??? I heard it is the musical fruit, and I am in the mood for a melody. . .
Grandpa? Why did they let you and daddy order a drink and not ask for your IDs?

Hard at work on my first piece of restaurant artwork. Usually I prefer painting with food, but these crayon things are pretty neat! They don't taste very good though. Somebody needs to have a word with the crayon chef here!

In case you were wondering. . .despite what the Cheers theme song says, nobody knew our names there!?!?!

Birds, Boats, and Puddles. . .OH MY!

These photos were taken on the wharf near the New England Aquarium where we ran into "Galena."

The bird photos were taken at Faneuil Market. Hannah really enjoyed watching the birds walk around and eat, until some monsters, I mean, kids threw a bunch of food at them and ran into the middle of the birds, scaring them and Hannah! Poor kiddo :(

I wish I could remember what the weather was like that day? I think it was windy, but I am not certain. . . No, I'm pretty sure my mommy's hair ALWAYS looks like that, so that's no indicator :-)

Why are they all smiling? Some stranger has mommy's camera!

Boats! I had never seen boats in real life before. I think they are pretty neat.

I like to walk everywhere now, but mommy makes me hold her hand when we are by the water.
"Just press the button on top of the camera!"

*sniff sniff sniff* Darn! I thought I saw a french fry, but it was just my finger. A french fry mirage. When are these people ever going to stop posing for photos and feed me!?!?! Sheesh!

We ran into this weird guy! He looked lost.

Granny felt sorry for him, and decided to adopt him.

Daddy and me :)

Admiring* (and by "admiring" I mean picking, eating, sniffing, stuffing in mommy's nose and daddy's mouth) the pretty flowers planted on the wharf

More birds! I was happy to watch them walk around as long as they didn't get TOO close to me. Here I am bossing them around and telling them to stay back!

Uh oh. . .the birds are moving. . .

I tried to give the birds a lecture. . .
I told them "Noooooo!!!", but they didn't listen :( I give up!
Mommy let me play in the big puddles! It took 2 days for my Nikes to dry. But it sure was fun!