Saturday, August 21, 2010

Seagulls love Fatburger. . .and I love the beach!

A fun day on the beach in San Diego :)

I love looking for shells and lucky glass (but we didn't find any lucky glass on this trip)

I love the sand

I LOVE the waves and water, no matter how chilly it is on my piggies

Did you know that seagulls love Fatburger cheeseburgers and iced tea!?!?
Who knew? Well, I certainly did not know. . .or I would have never left our lunch unattanded in favor of dipping our toes in the ocean :) Those sneaky little birds stole our lunch! We only had a couple bites each, before we ran down to the water, anticipating our lunch would be safe on the beach towel. . .wrapped tight in the paper bag. I guess we learned our lesson! Seagulls devoured our burgers and fries, then washed them down with some iced tea.
Next time you go to the beach with your lunch, remember. . .
Don't bother putting the straw in the cup. They will just yank it out, toss it aside, and jam their beaks into the lid and slurp it up! And in case you were worried the birds' lack of posable thumbs would deter them from being able to unwrap the cheeseburger, think again! In some sort of freakish beakish bird way, they tear through the bag and paper and gobble up the cheeseburgers, ketchup and all! Teaching them to use napkins and to clean up after themselves is going to be really difficult. . .so don't bother. But it was a very useful tool in figuring out which bird ate our lunch! One of the birds had huge blobs of ketchup all over her beak, and the other had the wrapper in his mouth. :) The one who drank our iced tea is still at large. . .

The scene of the crime. . .
BUSTED!!! Mr. Seagull, with the burger wrapper in his mouth, and Mrs. Seagull with blobs of ketchup on her beak (though it's too hard to see it in this photo)!

I can eat a snow cone as big as my head (with a little help from the parents and sharing some with the sidewalk)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What? I never posted anything from Disneyland?

Disneyland Post #1 (of 3, hopefully):

FOR SHAME! I never got around to posting any Disneyland photos! (We went at the end of April, for Pete's sake!) Bad mama! Well, here are photos of Hannah and all the friends she made there :) What a magical experience for us all. It was an awesome vacation (minus the day we lost due to me having food poisoning, but you don't want details about that, I am sure)! We can't wait to go back next year :)

Hannah met all her favorite characters. . .and even some she does not like! (we found out she is NOT a fan of Captin Hook and the Mad Hatter)

Hannah adopted some Toy Story babies
Feeling. . .not so well the second day. . .but Hannah and Matt went to the Disney Store while I slept and Hannah picked out a cool Mickey Mouse tank top for me, to make me feel better :) And of course she talked Daddy into buying her a few hundred other things for her. Only thing they didn't buy was an umbrella, and they got rained on on the walk back to the hotel :) They had fun despite not being able to go into the park that day. Luckily I felt better the next day :)

Here she is with Buzz! We kept missing him the whole time we were there and she kept asking about him. We were afraid we would never get to take a photo with him. . .until the last day! We lucked out. Her trip was complete!

Hannah refused to speak to the Mad Hatter or tell him her name. . .so he called her Roberta. She did not like that. :)

Not only did Eeyore take a photo with Hannah and sign her autograph book, but he even danced with her! It was so adorable.
The Fairy Godmother was not granting any wishes that day. . .but Hannah got her autograph :)

They make a cute couple :) Never thought Matt would ever find anyone with a bigger head than his! LOL

We also got to see our old friends, Jess and Sandy, while we were there :)

Hannah attacked Jess with the killer snake he bought her at Rainforest Cafe. . .

I have more to share. . .stay tuned!