Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

My daddy is the best :)

My daddy cuddles, reads me stories, goes on cat hunts with me (poor Howie!), chases me around outside, tells me stories, lets me ride on his cool new wheelchair and lets me honk the horn, spins me around, takes me to the movies, watches me play on the playground at the mall while mommy shops when I am tired of following her around, lets me ride on his lap when I am tired of walking, takes me to baseball games, watches basketball games on TV with me (and doesn't get too mad when I root for the wrong team!), takes me to the zoo, flies kites in the yard with me, plays catch with me, takes me to the beach and Disneyland, likes to hold my hand, dances with me, takes walks around the neighborhood with me, pushes me on my tricycle when I can't get up the driveway hill, sings "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" with me (no less than 100 times in a row), chases birds with me, draws and colors with me, swims with me, makes the best elephant noise, shares all kinds of music with me, sings with me, hugs me, makes me smile and giggle, and most of all he LOVES ME!

Not many daddies would be so happy when awoken early in the morning by his daughter asking "Daddy? You awake? Will you tell me stories, please?" But every time, he will sleepily oblige and without even opening his eyes, tell me a story or two or three :) And despite how tired he might be on any given day, most of the time his stories even make sense!

Thank you for being such an awesome dad! I love you, daddy!

Here's the past year with my daddy :) Enjoy!

You taught me how to dip my donuts! A VERY important skill. . .
we've spent many treasured hours reading in your recliner :)
You take me to baseball games, and make sure I always have a new hat and shirt to wear to our annual Boston Red Sox game!

We always buy the duckies in Boston some crackers so we can feed them together
You even share your toys with me! That Scooter doll was yours when you were little!
Hugs and kisses are always appreciated :)
We have fun being silly. . .
and some of us look sillier than others. . .
I love to hold your hand when we walk

You have an awesome sense of fashion, and are always willing to share it with me
too bad we don't look anything alike. . .especially when snoozing! And you don't mind sharing the bed with me a few hundred of my furry stuffed friends when we nap :)
I like to run around with you
I like helping you shave. . .
and you are always willing to share your shaving supplies with me so I can shave, too!
We like going to the zoo together. . .
and hanging out in the backyard, or any place we can spend time just the two of us is always a special time
When I am tired of walking, you are always willing to give me a ride :)

Running around on the driveway is always fun, too!

Silly Daddy :)

Here's a couple videos. . .

Think we should start a father-daughter band? We're both masters at playing the xylophone :) *ahem*

Here's daddy helping push me up the big hill on the driveway. My legs still aren't quite long enough to pedal my tricycle, especially up a big hill!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Inherited MeMah's Thumbs!

My MeMah visited a few weeks ago, and we planted some tomatoes, parsley, oregano, spearmint, and chocolate mint! MeMah is my mommy's mama :)

My mommy says her thumb is black but MeMah's thumb is very green!. . .but their thumbs look normal to me?!? Not sure what that means exactly. All I know is my mom usually kills all the live plants in/outside the house. So she was nervous about planting with MeMah. Mama let me help MeMah, in hopes of tricking the poor unsuspecting plants into thinking they were in good hands (with green thumbs?)! Seems it worked. My MeMah plants are doing great, and we've been enjoying eating lots of yummy cherry tomatoes :) The tomatoes are so good, that word must've gotten out to the local chipper (a rascally chipmunk of sorts) and he has been trying to steal all the ripe tomatoes before we can pick them! But Mama got smart and left one pot of tomatoes on the ground for the chipper to snack on, and put the other pot on a table for us--safe out of the chippers grasp. Seems to be working so far. I enjoy watering my plants every night, looking for and picking the ripe tomatoes, and pinching the mint and chocolate mint leaves to smell their yummy scent :)

THANKS MEMAH!!! I am taking good care of our plants. I won't let mama's black thumbs near the plants in hopes that they will all still be alive the next time you come to visit us :)

Here's some videos of me helping MeMah plant, watering the plants in my own creative way with a piggy squirt toy, video of the 1st tomato we got to pick/save from the chipper, and a video of me finally getting to enjoy a tomato!

Enjoy :)