Saturday, February 28, 2009

Planting my Christmas Tree at Granny's House

Granny and BopPah (I call him BopPah now) bought me a special potted Christmas tree at Christmastime.
Last month we planted the tree in Granny's front yard! She said we can watch it grow. . .just like me!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fun Family Day

On the last day of January, we took daddy's grandma (my great granny) to the zoo! I warned her she should wear a hat (cuz' of the doodoo birds and all) and she reluctantly obliged. I think she looked cute! Anyway, so mommy brought my stroller, but I didn't last long in there, and it soon became a luxury ride for mommy's and great granny's purses, as well as a few snacks! I behaved very well and didn't wander too far from everyone. In fact, I like to walk holding my daddy's hand, or great granny's hand :) I had so much fun showing great granny around since she had never been there before.
We enjoyed seeing the lion, giraffes, zebras, elephants, polar bear, turtles, and ducks.

We only took great granny through about 1/2 of the zoo so we wouldn't wear her out, and after we got to the car she exclaimed "That place is HUGE!" ha ha. Good thing we didn't drag her through the whole zoo! Actually, I would've been happy to push her in my stroller if she wanted to see more :) I love pushing my stroller!
We had fun watching all the animals play, and we even fed the turtles some yummy leaves! I like to watch them eat. Watching them eat made me hungry, so I started munching on some animal crackers. Hmmmmm, I hope those weren't REAL animals that I was eating! YIKES! Anyway, I dropped one, and was going to eat it! But great granny wouldn't let me. . .instead she threw it to the turtle to see if he would eat it! OOPS! Nobody saw that, right? Nope. Good :) It'll be between the turtles and us. . .no harm done :) The turtle didn't eat it anyway. They like to eat plants, so I guess he was not interested in the animal cracker. . .I think it was a lion!

After the zoo we went to lunch at Claim Jumper, then we took great granny home, and headed to my granny and grandpa's house. We had lots of fun playing outside. It was a beautiful day!

Hurry up great granny! The ducks are over this way!

walking and holding daddy's hand (so he wouldn't get lost or wander off. . .you really gotta watch that guy!)

I love my great granny :)

Fun in granny and Bopbop's backyard :)

I carried this 1/2 ton kitty around everywhere! He was really heavy, but so cute :)

The grass is eating me alive!

Farmer John. . .er. . .ummm. . .Bopbop cleaning up the yard! Don't you just LOVE his hat? Maybe we should call him Farmer JANE instead :) hee hee

HEY! Cleo is stealing my bench! She thinks she is tiny and can fit anywhere. . .typical Golden Retriever mentality :)

Oh, Granny! You are so silly!

Now Cleo is trying to sit next to Mommy!

OH! I think this family portrait is a keeper! I think we should use this for next year's Christmas Photo! What do you think?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Moooove on over Bozo! Now THAT is some serious bedhead!

Now you know you have a serious bedhead problem when you wake up with a cow stuck to your head!

Just what was Mr. Moo thinking? What could he have been looking for in there? OR! Perhaps he was living in there, and he was finally making an escape! Guess we'll never know. . .

Mom says I have crazy hair, and I take after my daddy. . .but his hair is short now so I didn't believe her! So she scrounged up these gems from circa 1993 (was that when dinosaurs still roamed the earth?) to show me how my daddy's hair used to look when it was longer :) Hmmmm. Well, I guess I see some resemblence. . .at least he didn't have any farm animals stuck to his head!

Monday, February 9, 2009

For those about to ROCK! Hannah salutes you. . .

Obviously Hannah inherited her daddy's metal rock genes! This kid LOVES it when she hears an AC/DC song! The other night I finally caught her act on video :)

Her other musical interests include country, classical, opera, mommy's singing (I know! SCARY!), commercial jingles (yikes!), and musical toys. She dances to all of the above, and even tries to sing along to all but classical :)

In this video she is dancing and then starts head-banging. . .literally! As in her head banging on the camera after trying to run me down! ha ha (the "head-banging" mommy-trampling is towards the end of the video)

More dancing :) Some better dance moves than in the 1st video.

But please ignore the laughing hyena you hear in the background. . .that's me!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Random Acts of Sillyness!

Drinking Starbucks and cuddling with Daddy :) Mmmmm. . .I like vanilla steamers with whipped cream :)

Oh, the beloved slide! It elicits so many smiles and giggles :)


My kitty, Howie always made the back of the back of the couch look so cozy and inviting. . .He will spend a whole day back there sometimes! So, I just had to try it! Soon after this photo was taken, I dragged a whole library of books up there to read to the cat :)
I just LOVE my mommy's red shiny shoes! I drag them out of the closet almost every day and wear them around the house! I think they go with just about every outfit. . .even my puppy jammies! I am also wearing my Daddy's watch in this photo. That is one of my favorite accessories :)

I am very good at taking everyone's temperature. I am very careful and very gentle.

Hello there! My name is Dr. Cheesie! You look rather sickly. Shall I take your temperature?

Yes, that's me trying to take Mommy's bellybutton's temperature. (Apparently, Hannah believes bellybuttons are creatures with appetites (and apparently potential fevers)! I've caught her numerous times this week "feeding" her bellybutton, giving it a drink, and she even tried to feed mine a time or two! So, I guess it makes perfect sense that any bellybutton that eats and drinks could potentially catch the flu as well. . . )

Yee-haw! I found me another victim. . .er. . .ummm. . .I mean patient! This puppy looks like he needs his temperature taken too!

You are next. . .
(I advise you to keep your shirts tucked in for fear she may try to slip your bellybutton a graham cracker, a bite of her apple, a sip of her water, or take it's temperature the next time you visit. You can't say I didn't warn you!)