Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Some February Randomness

Some more random cuteness and silliness from February :)


Zzzzzz. . .just a little cat nap :) A tubby cat sure makes a nice comfy pillow!

I love Bobo :) We're best pals! He's BopPah's oldest pup.

Granny and BopPah's new car! I think it looks like a big red turtle :) I don't get to ride in it all the time, but when I do, I prefer to ride in it with the top down, and will chant "top down" over and over and over again if BopPah doesn't put it down for me! hee hee

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Baking Valentine's Day Cookies with Mommy

*Don't be scared! After much reflection. . .and after receiving a very quick rejection letter from the executives at the Food Network from that whole Pampered Chef disaster. . .I decided I will wear pants from now now when I bake. . .* (see Baking with Granny below)

OK, mom! I am all ready to make some COOKIES!!!! I think I prefer this cute outfit WITH pants (shhh, don't tell anyone that they are jammies though!).

What do you mean you are supposed to crack the eggshell first? It is so much easier and less messy to throw the WHOLE egg in the bowl!

I wanted to bake these cookies from scratch, but mommy insisted we try these Funfetti Cookies instead! They are made with cake batter :) Sounded interesting, so I decided to humor her. I hope this incident doesn't come back to haunt me someday when I am promoting my new baking show! Well, I think I already did enough damage with the whole pantless pampered chef thing, so this really does pale in comparison. . .photos of me baking cookies in my diaper will be sure to pop up once my show gets big! I'll make sure to have my PR people ready with proper statements.

No. *ahem* I'm not eating the batter. . .I'm. . .uh. . .testing the range of motion in my elbow! My mouth just happened to be open, and some batter must've fallen in there. . .tee hee

Alright, who's the wiseguy who turned out the lights!?!?!

How am I supposed to find the oven if people keep moving it, and I can't see where I'm going!?!?!

Here I am running laps around the kitchen while I waited for the cookies to bake :)
OH! Hey! Another show idea! I could combine a baking show with an EXERCISE show! YES! Another genius idea! It is bound to be a hit. . .now I just need to think of a clever title. . .hmmmm. I'll need to sleep on this one. I've learned not to jump on these ideas too quickly. I have plenty of time.

YAY!!! The cookies are done!
Sorry, we were too busy eating the cookies to take photos of the finished product. . .but I assure you they were beautiful and YUMMY!!! (even if they were from a box!)

Baking with Granny. . .and a few furry friends :)

OH BOY! Baking cookies at Granny's house is lots of fun :) We even got to prepare them on my little Elmo table! Just the right size for me! But, not so much for Granny. . .but she's a good sport :) We had lots of help from Granny's doggies. They hovered and sniffed and wished we'd drop more smackerls on the floor for them to clean up. . .but we didn't. Too bad for them, I am a pro at this making cookies thing now! I had a little trouble giving up the chocolate kisses for the tops of the cookies, though. . .you know, "two for me, one for the cookies. . ." ha ha

Since I work so well in front of an audience of furry friends. . .with a little more practice and fine tuning of my culinary skills, perhaps I will have my own cooking show someday. . .like one of the ones mommy loves to watch on the Food Network. . .(or as I call it: the "num-num" channel)

Yes, to those of you with a keen eye, you are right. . .apparently I was baking without any pants on!
I guess that's one more detail I need to work out before I get my own show on the Food Network (detail #1 being the eating all the chocolate ingredients part).
America does not want to see a diapered, pantless pasrtry chef with doggies as kitchen helpers! Hmmm. . .Well heck! Who am I to say? Maybe they do??? It gives a whole new meaning to the name The Pampered Chef! Ha ha! Get it? Diapered??? Pampered??? Voila! I am a genius! Where are my Crayolas? I will go write my proposal right now. . .I'll let you all know how it pans out :) I have a good feeling about this one!