Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day, Mommy and Daddy took me to Fun-rudkers! (Fuddruckers) I had a yummy chocolate malt, burger and fries :) (well mostly, I used my burger and fries as utensils to eat the dipping sauces) It was sooooo gooood! My only complaint was they only gave me one cherry for my malt! Humpf. . .the NERVE! But since they served me my malt first before my meal, I forgot all about being mad about the lack of cherries and enjoyed the ice cream drink :)

When mommy told we were going out, I ran to pick out an outfit and I got myself dressed!!! But, for some reason that defies all logic and reason, mommy made me change. I see nothing wrong with this! I am well protected with these "giant band-aids"
There better be a plethora of cherries in this malt. . .or else!

HEY! I only see ONE cherry in here. . .what's the big idea?
Mmmmmmmm. . .

opening my gifts from mommy and daddy

Howie's wondering if I have any Valentine's Day tuna in there???

I got a special gift from Corky and Ed too! I'm such a lucky little girl :) Yummy cookies AND a cute ladybug cookie jar :)
It had a really cool hair accessory, too! I think it was designed by Muppets :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Super Bowl. . .of chili :)

We hosted a little Super Bowl party for family last Sunday :) Our first big event in the new house! It was a chance for Granny, Papa, Old Granny, Old Papa, Emme and Mark to see our new place!

Mama made her famous chili, loaded FULL of musical fruit. . .er. . .5 different beans. We also had yummy nachos, cheesecake, magic bars, and granny's awesome cornbread. We enjoyed watching some football and eating the yummy food. I just have one question. Can't those football players afford pants that actually FIT? They looked silly.

In the spirit of the halftime show, I busted some serious dance moves! :) I wanted Old Granny to join me, so Emme suggested I tell her to "get down wit' your bad self, Old Granny!" and that became the phrase of the evening. ha ha Old Granny only boogied for a second, as she is much too ladylike to really get down and boogie (or maybe because she was too busy enjoying the good food and did not want to get a side cramp) :) I tried to get Mark to boogie, too. . .(see videos below) I think halftime was the best part of the game! Who needs football when you can DANCE!?!?

Well, after all the fun and games, I made sure to escort everyone out and sent them home as quickly as possible. I heard somewhere that a few hours after people eat chili, the musical fruit starts singing acapella!!! I didn't want to be around them to find out. . .

Mama enjoying her bowl of chili. . . she's so silly :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Welcome Home :)

Well, if there is anyone left out there who still reads this blog. . .I thought I'd let you know we survived the move! Just barely. . .'cause ya' know, my mama has that little black cloud that follows her everywhere, and everything took longer and cost more than it was supposed to, things that rarely happen, did, we dealt with some not so nice people along the way, we STILL don't have the fridge mama ordered a month ago, and everyone got sick (take it from me, my mama looks and sounds terrible. . .and I say that in the most loving way of course)! But the important thing is, we are in the house now and everything is wonderful! :) Oh, except for poor Takoda. . .we are waiting for the fence to be built in the side and backyards. It took a while for the HOA to approve plans, and now work will begin next week! We miss our puppers :( Howie is King of the house for now. . .oh, who are we kidding, Howie has ALWAYS been King of the house! He puts Koda in her place regularly, even though she is 3 times his size :)

We are getting comfy in the new house :) Some rooms were painted, mama has been getting lots of help from granny in decorating, and setting up my cool new playroom! And mama got some really cool new appliances (minus the missing fridge of course), and I love helping do the laundry now. I get to press the buttons! Oh, and we got the side and backyards landscaped last week, so it looks really pretty now! We got pretty rocks and lots of plants and 3 trees planted :) Wait 'til Koda sees them! She will be excited :) It has been busy, busy, busy around here!

I really enjoy my new big yard. I like to explore and look for bunnies, birds, and bugs. And last week there were two huge piles of rocks in our driveway! I had lots of fun playing on them. . .I begged mama to keep them there, but she said we couldn't keep them :( The landscapers were mean and spread them in the yard instead. Flat areas of rocks are NOT as fun as huge mountains of rocks! Oh well.

Well folks, it is close to my bedtime now, so I better run. I have to go pick out my jammies :) This post was just a little message to let everyone know we are indeed alive and no longer buried under boxes in the house :) (But don't go in the garage. . .you might get lost! There are both empty and full boxes EVERYWHERE!)

Things are finally settling down a bit, so mama will help me do blog posts much more often again :)

Here's a few photos, since that is what you really came in here for, right?

Here I am killing time waiting for the movers to arrive to bring us our stuff at the new house. . .granny's purse is loads of fun! I found some candy in there!!! I ate all of it :)
Then the sugar crash of 2010 happened. . .
Then I woke up and it was time to do mommy's hair :) (note we are onto activity #3 and movers are STILL not here, yet?)
And the insanity begins to set in! WHEN, oh WHEN will the movers EVER get here??? (they didn't arrive until 8:30 pm, in case you were curious) You'd think we moved across the country and ran into bad weather, had a flat tire or six, and got stuck in traffic! Nope, they just had to get the truck out of the storage yard (since it sat there for 3 days) and drive it to the next town! Crazy! (er, lazy? your guess is as good as mine) But, doesn't mama's hair look BEAUTIFUL??? I've been trying to talk her into letting me do her hair before work since then, and for some reason she keeps avoiding me? She says that hair-do is too special to wear every day. So, maybe I'll approach her again before the next wedding, get together, or party :)
*and if you like what you see here, you know my number! Just gimme a ring and set up an appointment. I have a great special running this month in honor of Valentine's Day! I'll give you 14% off! And I take all forms of payment. . .including cookies, candy, and popsicles :)

Lots of rain last week, but that didn't stop the landscapers from working on the yard :)
I preferred the rocks in piles like this, before they were spread all over!
Only one pile left :( So, I made the most of our last night together :)