Monday, March 8, 2010

Best Friends :)

Meet my best friend, Woody! I take him everywhere I go. He and I have been through a lot together.

I take good care of him :) I brush his teeth, take him to go potty, get him dressed, feed him his meals, wrap him up in blankies for his naps, give him medicine when he is sick, and fix his boo boos. Poor Woody is always getting hurt and getting sick. He needs a lot of TLC. Lucky for me, my mommy appears to keep us well stocked with band-aids and so he is always covered. . . literally! For the more serious injuries, like the two times he lost his leg/boot, Dr. Granny performs major surgery (with her glue gun) and Woody is as good as new again! He heals really fast and we are back to playing again. I keep telling Woody he needs to be more careful, but he is a boy, after all.

I carefully apply the band-aids and make sure not to hurt him
What do you mean we're out of band-aids? But I didn't cover all of Woody's boo boos yet!
Time to brush your teeth, Woody
Wearing matching outfits

Taking a snooze together. . .we always sleep together :)

I even take Woody to the doctor (you know, since he is so accident prone and all. . .I can't fix EVERYTHING with band-aids)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

"C'mon Daddy, we has to shave our beards!"

I LOVE to shave with my Daddy! After my shower/bath every night, I beg to shave my beard before I get my jammies on. I rub my chin and say "c'mon daddy, we has to shave our beards!" He's such a good sport! Most of the time, he will take the time and do an evening shave, just for me! (He gets up too early in the AM for me to want to shave with him then! I need my beauty rest!)

I used to just watch Daddy shave sometimes, but then one day I decided I wanted to help. Unfortunately, the razor is too sharp, so mommy and daddy wouldn't let me help. Instead, they gave me my own shaving equipment! I get to use the cool whipped cream stuff that smells like perfume, a little shaving cream brush, and I even have my own "razor" (sans the blades of course). Mostly, I skip the actual shave part, and prefer dipping my shaving brush in the water and putting the shaving cream on my face :) It is so soft and smooth, and it smells good!

Daddy lets me help him put shaving cream on his face. I hope we get to do this together forever!

**Mommy's note: well, I certainly hope she doesn't ever actually grow a beard! I don't think she would find one as fun as she thinks they are! Just ask Daddy! I also think that would be a huge cause for concern. . .not many toddlers running around out there sporting beards! Although, I guess there could be a whole community of bearded toddlers we don't know about. . .the beardless toddlers could all be shaving with their daddies, and we would never even know they are among us!

Hey, has anyone ever carded a gnome??? How old is that gnome with the long beard, anyway? I suspect that they could actually be bearded toddlers! Another government conspiracy. . .sure, we never actually SEE any gnomes in society (except for the ones frozen in time in the old lady's yard down the street. . .you know, every neighborhood has a yard that's been gnomed!) But gnomes are well documented in books, so they must exist! All this time, the government had us believing gnomes were pretend little adult people with pointy hats and beards! Come to think of it, I wonder what's under their hats? I bet there is another conspiracy involving those pointy hats, too! Hmmmmmm. . .Sorry, I digress. . .

Anyway, I have a feeling Hannah will come to resent shaving someday. My bets are around the time she reaches puberty and she comes face to face with the never ending attack of the stubble, and she has to start the arduous task of shaving her legs all the time!**

Here Daddy, let me help you

Shaving is truly an art. Your face is the canvas, and the shaving cream is your paint. The more cream and water on the little brush, the better!

See Daddy? I am getting pretty good at this! Let me show you a few brush techniques to get the maximum coverage on your face. . .
Daddy looks impressed! (or is he scared? I am not sure)

You missed a spot, Daddy. . .Daddy makes silly faces when he shaves! :)
Make the brush become one with your hand and glide it ever so elegantly and gently over your cheek. You need to remember to gliiiiiide. Don't just blot it all around. FOCUS! FOCUS! Daddy! Become one with your beard and brush. . .everything will fall into place if you can do that.
I took over Daddy's bigger brush so I could teach him my secrets to avoiding a 5 o'clock shadow. Secret #1: you can never have enough shaving cream and water!