Thursday, April 16, 2009

Because every little girl NEEDS a tractor!

Granny and Boppah got me a really cool Easter gift. . .a John Deere Tractor! They couldn't wait to give it to me on Easter, so I got to "open" my gift the weekend before Easter :) I've trained them well--you see, if they get excited about a gift and give it to me early, they will probably forget about it by the time Easter comes and I'll get more goodies!!! hee hee It is a true granddaughter's craft. I don't think there is a manual out there, but I am pretty sure criteria #1 is I have to be adorable and fun to be around. I am really good at that!!!

Anyway, I am quite fond of my tractor, and I have already been on many adventures with it. I wanted to ride it everywhere the 1st night. . .I even had to eat my dinner sitting on it! Granny had to drag my Elmo table over next to it because I would not let go of the steering wheel and hugged the tractor tight every time Mommy tried to pull me off.

I hug it, talk to it, tried to get Tommy kitty to jump in the trailor and go for a ride, collect rocks and put them in it, deliver Mommy and Daddy's mail in it. . .the tractor is so fun! I can say the word "tractor" clear as a bell, and repeat it morning, noon, and night. Mommy and daddy say I have even been saying it in my sleep!!!

Surprisingly, I drive the tractor just as well with my BopPah's hat over my eyes as I do when I can see where I am going! Oh, and walls and bushes won't stop me! I can run anything over to get where I am going. . .Not too sure exactly WHERE I am going yet, but I am pretty sure there will be candy involved when I get there. . .
Like any dedicated and hardworking farmer would, I don't waste precious time to run to the ladies room when I "gotta go!". . .I just squat right there next to my tractor, tinkle, then hop right back on again for more fun! Mom says she gives me points for being efficient and for actually getting OFF the tractor to do it instead of continuing to drive around while I did it!
Mommy's Note:
*We need to find this poor girl a corn field! QUICK!!! It just doesn't seem right that she is driving a John Deere tractor through a subdivision (and I'm certain the neighbors don't want to see her piddle!)
**Easter fluff is coming soon! I didn't forget :) Just really behind still. . .

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Computers. . .can't live with 'em, can't post fun blogs about cute kids without 'em!!!

Well, I have a lot to say since our vacation to California!!! :) But, alas, my laptop died last week. . .so I am incredibly behind!

I do have use of another laptop for now, but of course it doesn't have all my photos on it!!! I hope to get caught up this weekend. . .but in the meantime, here are a couple of photos from our trip to tide all you patient people over. There are MANY more, so stay tuned :)