Tuesday, May 25, 2010

MC HANNAH's Dance School! Open Enrollment Begins Soon!


Since the whole Pampered Chef thing never *panned* out, I decided to open my own school for the performing arts! I am starting enrollment for the fall. I expect a huge turn out, so I will encourage you peeps to take advantage of the early bird special. My price has gone up, and I no longer accept cheesies (the economy has not been kind to me). . .just cookies, peanut M&Ms, and of course toys!

Here are a few rules I teach at my school (along with a few demonstrations/examples):

RULE number ONE:

Every good performer knows you have to keep in shape and work out. Those performances, night after night, really take a toll on your body! So, I made sure to get in shape before embarking on my career.

RULE number TWO:

Every good artist/performer knows practice makes perfect! So, I've been practicing extra hard each evening before bed. Here I am practicing my main act: MC HANNAH's "You Can't Touch This" or "Hannah Time" as I call it :) (see videos below to see me practicing LIVE!)

Pointer number TWO (A)
Always look COOL

Video of MC HANNAH practicing "Hannah Time":

another "Hannah Time"

RULE number THREE:

Every good artist knows you need to keep an open mind! I don't discriminate against other types of music. I enjoy everything from country to rock to hip hop to classical to lullabies :) Here I am dancing to "Lion Sleeps Tonight" All choreography is original and created by ME! No professional services were used for this video. I know, it's hard to believe. . .

**Here's a link to a video of me dancing (the video would not download here for some reason). THE PASSWORD is: lion

WOW! Are you seeing what I am seeing? Golly, I am SO GOOD! I just watch those videos over and over again, and marvel at the fact that I am so graceful and coordinated! Can you believe I have not had ONE single dance lesson??? **I'll allow some time for you to peel yourself off the floor after falling out of your seat in disbelief**

Dancing is just a little talent I inherited from my Papa. He really knows how to bust some cool moves! Think of all the money my parents will save on dance lessons in the future! (you can thank me later, Mama and Daddy) In fact, I am sure to have a blossoming career and will be able to take care of my whole family for the rest of their lives! (No thanks are necessary, Mama and Daddy. It's the least I can do after all the years you've supported me)

Well, I need to go practice some more. I'm expecting to see you all at open enrollment AND at a performance at a venue near you! My travel schedule will be released soon. . .

*Hannah 1st saw/heard MC Hammer's song "U Can't Touch This" on another blog we like to peek at every now and then :) Thanks Corinne! It was an instant favorite after Hannah watched another girl her age dancing to it*

Monday, May 24, 2010

Straight outta Tucson. . .it's MC HANNAH!

*In my next blog after this one, you'll get a sneak peek into my rehearsals! I've been working pretty hard! I'm almost ready to go on tour*

Here she is folks, MC HANNAH! Coming soon to a venue near you!

Here she is, LIVE! At Wolf Den Bar in Kensal, ND! She may be famous, but she still hangs with the common folk :)

We will miss you, Great Grandpa Bob :(

We have an unfortunate post to take care of first. . . :(

Hannah's great grandpa, Bob Messmer passed away on May 4th. He was a WONDERFUL man, father of 14, grandfather to MANY, and great grandfather to many more. . .

In addition to raising a beautiful family, he had an impressive career with the Soo Line and taught his kids an awesome work ethic. He loved hunting, spending time with his family, good food (mostly home cooked, but he had a special place in his stomach for McDonald's hamburgers!), and he was one of the most generous men I've ever met. He always had a dollar (or five) for his grandkids and great grandkids :) The door to his house was always open to family and friends, and the kitchen was always full of food to feed anyone who walked through the door. He was one of a kind, and I am so blessed to be able to say I got to know him and be a part of the family.

We are so grateful to him and grandma Norma for giving us his son Glenn/Matt's father/Hannah's Papa :)

Grandpa Bob, you will be missed.

Here's some photos from our trip to North Dakota for the funeral. . .

Puppies galore kept the kids happy that weekend :)

The famous doll house at Great Grandma's house--Hannah talks about it all the time. . .ever since our last visit in November! It was the 1st thing she looked for when we walked in the door :)
The family is so big that even the garage gets used as a gathering place! :) Many good times were spent in that garage over the years. . .

Hannah is quite a celebrity. . .
Uncle Ed!
It was CHILLY!!!

Fun with Hannah's cousins (Matt's cousins' kids) Emmrey and Reese :)
Great Grandma Messmer
Glenn's sister, Debie
Great Grandma and 13 of the 14 children. Great Grandpa Messmer joins Glenn's brother Jim in heaven. . .

Guess what???

We are all in fact still alive, here! I know you were worried. I was just hibernating :)

There will be a bunch of new blogs coming soon. Mama has a bunch in draft, she just needs to upload the photos. They will be photo heavy and less wordy so she can catch up. Then we will be back on track and can get back to regular blogging again :)

Life got insanely busy all of a sudden and I fell behind in blogging. We have Disneyland, birthdays, friends visit, unexpected trip to North Dakota, last day of Kindermusik, and Meemah's visit!!! All coming soon. So stay tuned, my loyal blog readers :) Hannah will be back in action SOON!!!