Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Little Party

My party was going to be at Granny and Boppah's house, but we had to cancel my original party plans due to my poor Granny's illness. But Mama had already ordered my special cake! So we had some people over to my house to help us eat it! Grandpa, Mary Ellen (I say "Emmie" for M.E. since I can't say her name yet), Mark ("Mott"), great granny and great grandpa, our friends across the street, and mommy's friend from work and his family all came over to help celebrate. It was a very nice time!

Mama let me pick out the party theme, and I picked Word World (my favorite show on PBS).

Turtle cupcakes!!!

Mmmmmmm! CAKE! It was almost too cute to eat. . .but we managed to snarf it down anyway :) The top tier was chocolate, the bottom tier was marble, and the filling was chocolate truffle. YUMMY :)

"Emmie" and great granny and great grandpa
Hannah and her friend taking turns pulling each other on the tricycle :)

Playing outside and going for a walk after everybody went home.

Giving her new turtle pillow-guy a kiss

Tuckered out after such a fun day. Awwwwww :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday!

These are just a couple photos from Hannah's birthday DAY (May 7th). Her party was a couple days later :)

She got a neat water table and a TRICYCLE! She couldn't decide which one to play with first when she saw them. She just kept running back and forth between the two. She also got some books, puzzles, and a doctor kit. The doctor kit has been a HUGE hit as well! She loves checking everyone's heartbeat, blood pressure, temperature, and best of all GIVING SHOTS! The poor dog gets a majority of the shots. But she will give them to her stuffed animals and Mama and Daddy too :)

We got a small Sesame Street cake since she loves Elmo. She got to decide which character we all took a slice from. She got a piece of Elmo, Daddy got a slice of Oscar the Grouch, I got a slice of Cookie Monster, and Grandpa and Granny got Big Bird. Poor Granny was home sick, but Hannah was kind enough to send Grandpa home with a piece for her! Mama was sick too! But I still enjoyed the cake and watching Hannah play with her toys :)

Mama's ____rd Birthday!

I won't fill in the blank. Apparently, after age 30, you start keeping your age a secret! :)
On my mama's birthday (April 23rd), I wanted to make a cake for her! So granny got creative and let me help her ice a piece of wholewheat bread with Dove hot fudge, and then I put some candles in it! I had more fun licking all the hot fudge though. Yes, there was still some left on the bread by the time Mama got home from work.
We sang "Happy Birthday" and blew out the candles about a hundred times! (Mama, Daddy, and I had a REAL tiny cake to share--with more singing and candles, of course, for after Granny and Bopah left) It was so fun! I can't get enough of that song and seeing the candles all lit up and sparkly.

One of my new words that that week was "napkin" (napseen) :) Good thing, too! I needed a lot of them :) I am also trying to say Mississippi, Chicago, Illinois, and Boston! I got pretty close, too! (Oh, and despite what this video depicts, I DO usually eat with a FORK! I swear!)

See?  This is from last week, but at least it shows I know how to eat cake with utensils. . .and open REALLY wide to fit in as much cake as possible in every bite!  :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2 Years Old!

These photos were taken at JCPenney a few days before my birthday.  I had lots of fun playing hide and seek behind the fabric and didn't want to sit still for portraits.  But the photographer was able to capture a few good shots anyway!