Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Fun blowing bubbles :)

Wanna hear a secret?
If you ingest too much bubble juice. . .

You grow a bubble beard!!!

Here puppies, let me show you how this works. . .

OK my pupils, which one of you is ready to try it on your own?
Thats OK, watch me, you'll get the hang of it eventually!

Lil' clips:

Thursday, October 8, 2009


YAY! Daddy got a hung jury on a really important case today :) He worked really hard on it, and I helped :) I told him to argue "self fence", told him to have his client tell the "troof" but you "can't handle troof", and told him to "object" b/c the "WHOLE WORLD" is out of order!


Daddy's best trial face. . .how could a jury resist that???
Mama tried to get video of me saying some of those arguments cited above, but I would clam up when the camera turned on. . .but she did catch a few variations of them!

Here's 2 videos from two attempts at getting me to recreate my arguments:
"I can't handle troof"
"money over there" (suggesting Daddy bribe the jury? hmmmm! I hope not!)
Telling my Wall-E and Eve figures to tell the "troof"